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7/12/12 9:39 A

Love these tips on here. Great post. I would have to say...stay hydrated and especially protect your face from the emoticon .
You will retain a youthful appearance by protecting the skin on your face. I'm proof as my daughter in high school's guy-friend thought I was her sister. I'm 50. emoticon

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7/12/12 9:31 A

Massage your face with olive oil before giving a steam....and rinse off with ice cold water.....once a a wonderful glow to your skin.

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7/12/12 5:44 A

Washing your hair with beer makes it super soft and shiny. Whiffs a bit though.

7/12/12 5:11 A

May not be popular to admit, but I've used the same products on my face for 30 years. The company doesn't test on animals, but is often associated with pink...Their body care line is not my absolute favorite, so I layer on fragrance by using the shower gel, then matching lotion, then a spritz of the matching perfume from either Bath and Body Works or my favorite fragrance -- Coco Chanel. I do pamper myself!

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7/12/12 3:41 A

Sudocrem on sunburn or as a face mask.

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7/12/12 2:43 A

To get rid of product build up on your hair and scalp, massage baking soda in or add it to your shampoo.

After rinsing thoroughly, pour diluted vinegar on your hair (about 1 cup vinegar per gallon of water).


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7/11/12 11:05 A

I leave hair coloring to the professionals and use one specific type of shampoo that has been great to my hair. A brand called Brocato. I don't sell or make any money from recommending it, but if you look at my profile page there is a picture of my hair. Celebrities that "claim" to use Pantene, probably really use Brocato.

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7/11/12 11:01 A

I wash my face with warm water only, and moisturize with jojoba or coconut oil. It really helps my skin and I have less acne than ever before. I love the mineral sunscreens (both powders and creams) they are physical rather than chemical and they work really well especially when exercising outside. If my skin is in need of refreshing I use a water based (not alcohol) witch hazel as a toner.

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7/11/12 12:08 A


7/11/12 12:04 A

I LOVE that everyone is sharing their beauty secrets here. I don't know if I have any secrets but I've found hair and skin products that I love and I would rave about them to anyone. I have sensitive skin and unruly hair. My routine has taken me years to perfect.

This is what my skin routine looks like:

1. Wash with CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

2. Moisturize with La Roche Posay Toleraine Fluide

3. Protect with Neutrogena Pure & Free

4. Spot treat blemishes with MyZeno

This is my hair routine:

1. Wash with Finesse Clean + Simple Shampoo

2. Condition with Finesse Clean + Simple Conditioner

3. Pat dry with a towel and comb hair.
4. Volumize with Fat Hair Amplifying Mousse

5. Blow dry upside down while using fingers to shake out curls.
6. Once dry, put hair right-side up and then spread a dime sized amount of Pantene ProV Curly Hair Gel throughout the top to smooth

I hope someone can use some or all of these products as well :-)

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7/26/11 5:48 A

these are two i have heard of but not sure i have never tried either
but, if you color your hair and it is too brassy, they say washing your hair in dawn dish washing liquid will help tone it down.
and, if you color your hair brown, and it is too red, you can brew a pot of coffee and let it cool, and after washing your hair, you can rinse it with the coffee, it is supposed to tone out the red.
i have never tried these.

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7/25/11 2:55 P

use sunscreen with Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide. I found a great one at at Whole Foods. Also buying any sunscreen over 30 is just a waste of money

Use coconut oil for moisturizer. Cheaper than all the commercial creams. If you won't drink it, why put it on your skin.

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7/25/11 2:41 P

always use sunscreens and spray tan.

don't smoke, it will make those ugly little vertical wrinkles appear on your upper lip.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,877
7/25/11 12:51 P

making a body scrub out of white granulated sugar and olive oil, to slough away dead skin on legs and feet...before shaving, makes for smoother legs and an easier shave

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7/25/11 12:21 P

I used to work for an expenvise cosmetics brand and got tons of free stuff- $400 eye creams and $100 lotions, $40 custom blended foundations, etc... My skin has never looked better since I started washing my face with bar soap, using baking soda as a face scrub, and using witch hazel as a toner.

One of my all time best makeup tricks is to apply all eye makeup first and apply foundation last. You can clean up any eyeshadow that has fallen on to your face. It really makes a difference.

I would not add any additional chemicals to hair color. Who knows what could happen, what is fine for one person could make someone else's hair fall out.

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7/25/11 12:15 P

Olive oil as a deep conditioning treatment. Best thing ever for my hair.

Greek yogurt as a face mask.

7/25/11 11:34 A

Hmm, not sure if this counts as a secret, but my current fav beauty tip . . .

I'm allergic to a lot of shaving creams, lotions, that kind of thing, and shaving with soap is really drying. So a lady I know recommended dry shaving with baby powder. I only use it for under my arms (everything else is waxed, buffed and plucked!), but it really works. A beautifully smooth shave, with no irritation!

2 other really quick tips are using castor oil on eyelashes and brows for super luscious lashes and bushy brows, and using aspirin as a face mask! Have a google and see some great recipes for aspirin masks.

Sure we'll all be looking fabulous in no time!

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7/25/11 10:38 A

Besides the normal lots of water and eat healthy...I use sunscreen all year long, SPF 55. My facial moisturizer has a sunscreen of 50.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,877
7/25/11 10:33 A

yesterday i was reading a magazine and saw a quick tip about hair care....when coloring your hair, to cut down on scalp irritation, add a packet of sweet and low to the mix....
if you have any beauty secrets you would like to add, please share, i need all the help i can get.

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