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7/17/12 2:45 A

Most of the time blisters happen from rubbing, I would say your shoes are too big or loose and while they feel tight while walking they are too loose for running. Try going to a store that specializes in running shoes while wearing your shoes you run in. They can help you a lot better in person. Good Luck

MBROWE Posts: 17
7/16/12 9:42 A

Those double layer socks sound like a good idea. I would suggest that if you feel a blister coming on that you should put some duct tape on it. It will keep you from further agitating it. They sell mole skin specifically for the same purpose but I know from hiking and talking to others that duct tape works just as good and is much cheaper.

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7/15/12 7:10 P

I've got these fantastic double layer socks that I bought at a local running store. They are basically like wearing two pairs of thin socks at once. If the outer layer starts to rub, it rubs against the inner layer, instead of the skin. I've never once gotten a blister, even with brand new running shoes. (And I usually blister easily.)

And, I'm like Bill, I'd definitely pop those blisters with a sterilized needle..

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7/15/12 11:14 A

It's probably from your socks as opposed to shoes. If there is any sliding in the sock, that tiny bit of friction multiplied thousands of times will generate blisters.

Some recommend moisture wicking socks. You could also consider taping the affected area.

As far as treating blisters, I'm probably the worst person to ask. I will dip a needle in rubbing alcohol and pop those suckers because they drive me crazy. Someone with more sense would probably disagree with this approach.

7/14/12 11:08 A

Hey Runners,

I have recently been getting blisters on the back of my heel from running. They are too big and haven't burst...

The padding on my shoe seems fine. It doesn't seem to be shifting.

Any thoughts on preventing them and treating what I have?


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