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breakfast a great way to start the day

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Posts: 20
4/22/12 1:19 A

Fruit oatmeal

SparkPoints: (19,045)
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Posts: 439
4/21/12 9:41 P

I find it hard to stay with me, if I don't
have meat. Maybe will try turkey sauage.

SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
4/20/12 1:55 P

Most mornings I have Special K plus protein, ff milk and a banana. On weekends when I have more time, I will cook steel cut oats for the week. I put in craisins, cut up dried apricots and walnut pieces. I flavor it with cinnamon and vanilla. Then I take a bowlful each morning and heat in microwave. Yummmmmmm.

Posts: 10,160
4/2/12 9:13 A

boiled egg and a banana for today

Posts: 123
4/1/12 11:36 P

fresh fruit and oatmeal or cheerios

Posts: 3,096
4/1/12 9:43 P

I just love rolled oats, with soy milk and a mixture of dried fruits, with a dash of cinnamon

Posts: 10,160
3/20/12 10:51 A

Kashi Cereal with coconut milk is super,too!

SparkPoints: (60,248)
Fitness Minutes: (88,696)
Posts: 1,174
3/20/12 10:08 A

Kashi cereal with soy milk and a greek yogurt.

SparkPoints: (13,813)
Fitness Minutes: (1,612)
Posts: 121
3/14/12 4:45 P

...I have a Jimmy De-lites breakfast sandwich (the one with canadian bacon), a banana (small) and my coffee almost every morning...occasionally I have oatmeal with fresh blueberries...yummy! emoticon

Posts: 180
3/14/12 2:55 P

I start my weekdays with oatmeal made with skim milk and toasted walnuts. I add some cinnamon and vanilla. I cook enough on Sunday to fill five individual serving containers so I can grab one in the morning and take it to work where I heat it in the micro, add another dash of skim milk and a packet of splenda. Weekends are my problem. I find myself sitting down with my coffee and then just jumping into what needs to be done and forgetting to fill my stomach until I've developed a headache.

Any suggestions?

SparkPoints: (2,337)
Fitness Minutes: (527)
Posts: 19
3/10/12 8:54 A

Pumpkin oatmeal recipe does sound wonderful, but I don't use Splenda.

SparkPoints: (2,337)
Fitness Minutes: (527)
Posts: 19
3/10/12 8:53 A

I eat Cheerios w milk, nonfat almost every day. I feel like I get too full if I eat everything listed on my plan here.

Posts: 82
3/10/12 12:28 A

The pumpkin oatmeal looks great! I make a crock pot steel cut oatmeal with dried cranberries, apricots, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. I have been looking for something new. Thanks!

Posts: 10,160
3/5/12 2:45 P

Because I take breakfast to work with me, I need portable, I boil eggs, I make flax seed/WW muffins, make steel cut oats (divided into 1 serving bowls, I store in fridge with a dab of fat free or coconut or almond milk on it) peanut butter & jam on WW bread or in a pinch I grab greek yogurt or string cheese....on the week-ends it is usually something different

SparkPoints: (5,744)
Fitness Minutes: (4,426)
Posts: 45
3/4/12 4:58 A

I have been eating Chobani yogurt or oatmeal. My new favorite is egg beaters with mushrooms and peppers and Sara Lee 45 calorie bread and low calorie jam. Very good!!!!

SparkPoints: (47,529)
Fitness Minutes: (51,665)
Posts: 1,470
3/3/12 11:33 P

subway 6" sandwich

Posts: 1,831
2/24/12 6:31 P

Oatmeal, a touch of brown sugar, no salt, 1/2 cup of 1% milk.

SparkPoints: (47,529)
Fitness Minutes: (51,665)
Posts: 1,470
2/23/12 5:50 P

grits & fried eggs

SparkPoints: (9,478)
Fitness Minutes: (5,103)
Posts: 68
2/14/12 8:57 P

I have been enjoying Trader Joe bran flakes, with fresh strawberries and non fat milk.

SparkPoints: (11,809)
Fitness Minutes: (1,104)
Posts: 227
2/14/12 5:54 P

I am going to have to find a 12-step group for this recipe: Crock Pot Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats.
I am seriously addicted! I toss it in the crock pot at night and wake up to a delicious hot breakfast. It's also great cold, with a little bit of maple syrup on it. Kind of like bread pudding but good for you.

Posts: 1,831
2/13/12 7:47 P

Plain Cheerios, every day.

SparkPoints: (47,529)
Fitness Minutes: (51,665)
Posts: 1,470
2/13/12 10:50 A


SparkPoints: (22,375)
Fitness Minutes: (19,356)
Posts: 196
2/12/12 9:01 P

Breakfast is definitely a must. I enjoy oatmeal and have recently discovered greek yogurt with granola and honey and some kind of fruit on the side.

SparkPoints: (51,467)
Fitness Minutes: (47,392)
Posts: 327
2/10/12 5:33 P

I totally agree. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. I'm also trying to find new ideas. What I usually eat is 1 egg+1 egg white scrambled, turkey sausage, wrapped in a tortilla with salsa. It's delicious but boring after 6 months! Next week I'm having oatmeal and then french toast. You have to shake it up sometimes!

SparkPoints: (47,529)
Fitness Minutes: (51,665)
Posts: 1,470
2/2/12 10:34 A

So true.

Posts: 6,346
2/1/12 3:38 P

I treat breakfast as the fuel to start my day. It gives me the energy to start my day. I treat it as planning my whole day. Trying to look for variety and branching out to not eat the same thing everyday for breakfast.

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