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4/1/12 8:47 A

i agree, i have been searching for a way to do this forever, i can't believe they have made it so difficult to do! thanks for the info!

3/30/12 3:13 A

i wonder why they don't have this option it would be nice

GEEKLING Posts: 601
3/30/12 1:59 A

Add the foods from favourites into an 'empty' meal in your tracker.

Use the 'create group' button in the header of that meal, you may have to switch day back and forth to get it to appear.

Delete the foods from the meal.

There you go, a group of stuff from your favourites.

3/29/12 7:58 P

someone has to know this ???
if i cant, just say
you cant do that

3/29/12 7:27 P

i'm trying to create groups of my favorites but how do i select them. seems like i have to look them up again instead of selecting from my favorites? emoticon

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