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5/18/12 9:01 A


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5/18/12 8:59 A

And that's why I wash my fruit if I buy at the supermarket. I guess I don't worry about it too much. My husband and I can't afford to buy organic so I take steps like washing. And we live in Minnesota with a short growing season so if we want variety in, say, January, we're going to have to buy produce that was flown in.

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LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 3,005
5/18/12 2:25 A

I do wish they'd stop putting that wax on fruits. I prefer my fruits to look like they did when they came off the tree. I do not need or want them to look all shiny like that.

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5/18/12 2:10 A


If you go by the way side on an eating bing, just get up and start again. I always say I will be on a diet for the rest of my life because I love food. But since Spark People I can eat the right foods and not get out of control. Keep up the good work no matter what people say about you. Love yourself. Do it for yourself and no one else. This keep me going.
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5/17/12 10:24 P

I am so glad that someone mentioned that the shellac is not the kind you put on wood! Thank you! It's a wax!!!!

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5/17/12 12:01 P

That is interesting!!

Peggy (Colorado)

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5/17/12 12:01 P

There are products to help get the shellack off. You can always shop local. We have a produce stand here (Alameda, CA) that has local produce that is not over processed. We also have a Farmer's Market with local minimally (if at all) processed foods. While the shellack is useful for shipping and appearance purposes it is kind of unnatural. emoticon

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5/17/12 11:44 A

Well of course it's waxed and/or shellacked. It doesn't come off of the tree all shiny and reflective.

Like the pp mentioned, a lot of food is 'gross' if you research or sit around and dwell. Did you know the red coloring in Starbucks' strawberry frappaccino is also made using beetles? And certain yogurt brands are dyed the same way, and fruit snacks, and....

The only safe and surefire way to know what you're eating all the time would be to have your own farm and grow your own fruit/veggies and raise your own animals for slaughter. I wish I could do this, in my dreams, but for now I have to stick with the grocery store and shop as 'clean' and 'organic' as possible. *sigh*

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5/17/12 11:42 A

The reason wood shellac is dangerous is that they dissolve the natural dried wax in denatured alcohol. The alcohol is poisonous, but the wax is harmless. Edible shellac is the natural dried wax dissolved in water.

Again, it's really no different from eating honeycomb-- it's a natural wax that comes from a beetle, just like beeswax comes from bees. You're doing more harm to your health by peeling the fruit and missing out on fiber and vitamins than you would do by eating a big ol' bowl of shellac.

There's an interesting book out (although I've only read excerpts) called "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat" about why we have the attitudes we have toward certain animals. I wonder if he addresses bugs-- why it's nice to dissolve bee saliva in your tea but people get totally freaked out at the idea of a pinpoint-sized drop of cochineal beetle coloring in their Frappuccino to the point where Starbucks had to stop making it.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,874
5/17/12 11:14 A

"Any food is gross if you think about it to much"

That is so true. I have to eat and that is why I don't think about this stuff to much. Probably calling it shellac was supposed to be sensational. If it is from Beetles at least it is natural, right?

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5/17/12 10:07 A


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5/17/12 10:05 A

Edible shellac is a wax and is NOT the same shellac used on wood.

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5/17/12 1:56 A

Now I don't know whether to peel my fruit of not.......... emoticon

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5/17/12 12:26 A

Yes I do. I used to work in an apple and pear packing plant and if you looked on the plastic bag that the baggers (3 lb., 5 lb., 7 lb., and 10 lb bags) the one thing on it said they were covered in an "edible shellac." This is actually a wax that is put on the fruit after they go through the dumper (tank filled with water) the waxer, then the dryer. This is what gives the fruit it's shine. Check out the bags and see what they say. I packed fruit and was the stamper for 16 years in the same warehouse in the Yakima Valley of WA state. It washes off easily. I'm sure other fruits are treated the same way. And organic fruit is treated mostly the same way.

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5/17/12 12:01 A


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5/16/12 8:48 P


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5/16/12 8:39 P

That's crazy....I'll be hitting the farmers market for my fruit needs.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
5/16/12 2:47 P

it was on Rachael Ray and yes it was shalack and she said that it's safe , she was actually scraping it off with a knife... she said shalack!!!!! I was in shock myself

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HAPPYWRITER7 Posts: 9,720
5/16/12 1:58 P

The store that I go to has a sign that informs patrons that fruit is covered with wax. It's very disheartening.they sell nothing organic.

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5/16/12 1:44 P

Yes which is why I wash and peel my fruit.

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5/16/12 1:29 P

I know some are.

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5/16/12 1:24 P

Or peel, peel, peel:)

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5/16/12 1:21 P

Scrub, scrub, scrub

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5/16/12 1:19 P

I know that's what gives apples their shine.

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,315
5/16/12 1:15 P

I knew it was sprayed with a waxy substance, but shellac???????? NO WAY!

Just wash the fruit very well....For goodness sake if we believed all the "hype" out there we`d starve to death.

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PAULIE91952 Posts: 6,664
5/16/12 12:37 P

no i didn't

KIMMIT326 Posts: 62
5/16/12 12:32 P

There is a local farm down the street from me, and I buy my fruits and veggies for them, and I usually get it cheaper from the store, and as an added plus I don't have to drive to the farmers market where the prices are driven up. And, as an added bonus they also sell eggs that are cage free. They let me take a tour around the farm and see the animals etc. They sell meat too, their cows are grass fed, but there is something about knowing that I'm eating the same animal I could have possibly driven by on my way to work the previous week. So for now, I will stick to the fruits and eggs.

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5/16/12 12:16 P

I am sure that if we eat shalacked fruit we will die. I am told that anyone who eats a carrot will die (some day).

Pardon me if I dont worry about it. Just knowing about it is enough information for me.

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5/16/12 12:13 P

"Any food is gross if you think about it too much."

Now there's a true statement!

�We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.�
~ Randy Pausch

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."
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"We have a saying in Tibet: If a problem can be solved, there is no use worrying about it. If it can't be solved, worrying will do no good."
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JEANNEBOYD1 Posts: 482
5/16/12 11:13 A

Yes, I did know that. As much as possible, I buy organic fruit to avoid things like that.

SPORT_LOIN Posts: 72
5/16/12 11:08 A

Too bad you are just learning this, it has been going on for years.

ANARIE Posts: 12,837
5/16/12 10:59 A

"God we don't even know what we're putting in our mouths anymore"

Anymore? They've been using shellac for hundreds of years. It's not from dead beetles; it's a type of wax that the beetles use to line the tunnels that they make along tree branches. It's no more gross than beeswax (and probably less gross than honey.) If you're vegan you should know about it, but it doesn't hurt anything. In the case of fruit, it's actually useful. You can buy unwaxed apples or oranges, but they spoil much, much faster.

Besides, fruit is a plant's OVARY!!!!! Ewww! Talk about disgusting!

Any food is gross if you think about it too much.

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5/16/12 10:36 A

If people really knew what was on and in the food they'd grow and raise their own.

SABLSAUER Posts: 564
5/16/12 9:41 A

And let's not even start talking about the pink slime. That's one of the worst for me! Gross!!!

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/16/12 7:53 A

That's one way to stop eating candy ;-}

Anyway, I did hear/know that fruit often has a spray of a waxy substance on it to preserve it better, especially for shipping.

As for shelaque, well, it may have been her terminology, just so you'd understand it, or it may be a different type - but the woodworking shelaque would be poisonous, I'd presume.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
5/16/12 7:49 A

I was watching Rachael Ray show yesterday and they were talking about how they shalack the fruit to make it shiny and appealing to us in the grocery store? Also that the shine on candy is from dead beetles?
Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God we don't even know what we're putting in our mouths anymore and of course they had to show jelly beans my favorite.... not anymore!

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