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5/11/12 3:07 P

thanks! great site ! The "cooking" option even has conversions of cups (A few years ago I was wondering, if I could use "small" or "huge" coffee cups to measure food :-) )
And it has temperature conversions as well !

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/8/12 4:53 A

It's tough being a metric user in an imperial world. I wonder when the US will change with the times? LOL

Here is a great site for converting speeds. You just input one of any of those measurements (min/mile, mph, kph, feet per second) and it'll calculate all of the others for you.

To get calories from kilojoules either divide by 4.2 or multiply by 0.24, whichever you find easiest.

For temperature and measurements, there is always google. I don't mean "try to find something using google as a search engine". I mean go to google and type in "Convert 8oz to grams" and see ... google has built-in conversion tools. :)

5/1/12 6:25 P

Thanks. I'll have a look !

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
5/1/12 12:07 P

some foods have different weights and measurements listed, but not all. For fitness, if it is walking or running, there are km/hour options listed, so you should be able to use those without any conversions. In regards to quizzes and things like that, you can try searching Google or another search engine for a weight and measurement convertor. There are a few out there that are pretty easy to use.

Hope that helps!

Coach Denise

4/30/12 3:20 P

what is the best approach to use Sparkpeople when being used at a different sytem of weights and measures?
for ex. weight in kg, temperature in °C, distance in KM, speed in km/hour.
For reading blogs, receipes, quiz (sizes), tracking food and exercise, it is somethimes confusing to have to calculate and convert the amounts mentioned. Is there an easy way to do it?

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