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Eating excess calories causes weight gain, no matter if the calories come from carbs, protein or fat. Sadly, the only way to lose weight in a specific area is to lose weight all over.

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From what I've read on this site and elsewhere, putting on weight is a very complex process and involves much more than calories in and out. It seems that added sugars -- in their variety of forms -- contribute to obesity on some level -- but it certainly isn't the only factor. 6 packs come from low body fat, not from targeting areas so if you want to lose belly fat, get fit generally. It seems that's the only way!

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Unfortunately, no. What causes weight gain is overeating; unless you have a sensitivity, it's unlikely that you're going to magically lose weight in one area because of what you stop eating. If your'e eating an otherwise healthy diet in a healthy calorie range, you're not going to gain weight just because you eat carbs and sugar. (In most cases. Some people do have sensitivity, but that's honestly not most of us.)

The only thing that will flatten your stomach is overall weight loss; not eating (or not eating) certain foods or doing certain exercises to target those muscles.

Cutting out REFINED carbs and ADDED sugars is a good idea; neither add much nutritional benefit, but they're not going to give you a magic flat belly just by cutting them from your diet. That's just improving the quality of the foods you put in your body. :) Quality does matter! You'll be doing your body a favor to swap out refined carbs for whole grains, and eliminated added sugars, because they're just not good for you.

Now, you'll get different opinions on this, but at the moment, the published research doesn't support the assertion that cutting carbs affects your gut size. If you have two identical people eating the same amount of calories, there's no evidence that cutting carbs will provide more weight loss.

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Do carbs and sugar cause weight gain? So if I wanted to flatten my stomach would eliminating these two accomplish that?

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