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2/4/11 9:24 A

Turn the music on and dance

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2/4/11 9:22 A

I'm 57 this year and not an exercise person but I do everything I can to "move my body" also. I call what I do Lifestyle Activities" Any and every way I can I move, here's a list of some axamples you might find helpful, I did .......

25 Ways to Burn Extra Calories

1. Begin your day five minutes earlier than usual, and take a short walk.
2. Do not ask anyone to do anything for you while they are up (get a cup of coffee,
bring you the remote, etc.).
3. Walk around while talking on your cell phone
4. Do not ask anyone to do anything for you while they are up (get a cup of coffee,
bring you the remote, etc.).
5. Walk around while talking on your cell phone.
6. Walk each item upstairs rather than letting them pile up at the bottom.
7. Straighten up the house for 2 minutes several times a day.
8. Walk to the mailbox.
9. Do yard work or mow the lawn.
10. Put away each load of laundry when it is finished, making multiple trips.
11. Use watering cans rather than the hose when watering the garden and plants.
12. Walk trash cans to the curb one at a time.
13. Walk to the cleaners, video store, pharmacy, and to buy the newspaper.
14. Wash your own car rather than driving through the car wash.
15. Park your car further away from all entrances (shopping centers, work, etc.).
16. Make more than one trip to/from car with groceries, packages, etc.
17. Always return the shopping cart back to the store entrance.
18. Avoid drive-thru windows.
19. Take the stairs.
20. Get off the bus or train one stop earlier.
21. Avoid using intercoms in the office or at home.
22. Walk around the office.
23. Take the longest route to coworkers’ offices.
24. Practice isometric moves while sitting at your desk.
25. Go for walks at lunch.
26. Walk around the building once before entering/leaving work.
27. While pumping your gas at the filling station, wash your windows.

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2/3/11 10:31 P

You are absolutely right! I fell into the inactivity ditch for a while but now, thanks to SP, I've climbed out.

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2/3/11 9:01 P

Good reminder - let's move.


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2/3/11 8:01 P

at 55 i don't think i'll attain fitness of my prime...thing is i'm actually doing something. inactivity, laziness, bad attitudes, lack of motivation are dangerous and killers for my age group. my motto is..."just move it!"

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