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7/23/12 8:24 A

Poison ivy did not stop me from my regular routines....

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7/22/12 10:24 P

I had to go into a clinic a few months ago because I woke up one day with red, swollen eye lids! They got worse after a few days, so I went into a clinic and was put on prednisone...thankfully it went away soon after. You should keep's not like you're having breathing or lung issues...or it's not like there's something wrong with your muscles. It's just your skin. I might stay away from chlorinated pools if you think that would irritate your skin even more, but I don't see how a walk or a jog would hurt anything!!

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7/22/12 12:08 P

Hi everyone - almost 3 weeks ago I was exposed to some kind of plant which gave me a severe rash. I've seen the doctor 3 times since, finished a 7-day course of Prednisone and have a corticosteroid ointment... main rash is almost gone, but over the last 3 days I've developed a secondary rash... tiny, very itchy bumps all over my neck, chest, arms and stomach. I'm taking antihistamines and having oatmeal baths 3x daily, but it just isn't going away. any suggestions? I haven't been exercising, but wonder if I should start again. Very hard to keep motivated!

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