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ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
1/14/09 7:08 P

It's your wedding, your choice. I wanted to go to a friend of the family's wedding, but no one under the age of 18. I was 15, my brother was 17. Family friend is my mom's best friend, I couldnt figure out that rule, but it's what she wanted, too bad for me.

My wedding, I wanted kids there, was at the Manitoba museum, got married on the boat, had pizza, pop, juice, games for the kids to do during the reception.

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1/12/09 8:32 P

Stand your ground with your family you have to make a stand and keep it. It's your day and it should be celebrated the way you want it. Good luck with them.

I've been very lucky my family and my fiancé's family have been very low key. They have left us alone only offering their opinions when we've asked. I feel really lucky, but things may have been different if we were having the wedding in Toronto which is where I grew up. My mom would stay out of it, but my Dad would have been inviting all his co-workers, all his friends. With the wedding in Bermuda, it kind of makes it a lot more difficult because now you have to throw in airfare, hotel costs and food. Now we only have the people we really care about flying in to celebrate our day.

LOVEMYPETS Posts: 2,161
1/12/09 12:54 P

Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I feel for you, and I agree with what the others have said. It is YOUR day...and no matter who you want or do not want at your wedding is your business. It's completely understandable that you would prefer not to have kids there...and at the cost-per-person of receptions, many people have to cut off the age limit at some point...or you have 6 year olds consuming $50. dinners! If people are not able to find childcare for your wedding, then they have the option of not coming.

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
1/11/09 10:24 P

yep i agree wtith you its YOUR day do whatever makes you happy congratz on your upcoming wedding!!!

GINA10600 Posts: 4
1/11/09 2:45 P

Thanks so much for your help. I think I'm going to stick to my original plan, I need to do what makes me happy for once :)

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
1/10/09 3:24 P

You should not have to allow children at your wedding if you don't want them. It is your day, don't compromise or else you will be miserable.

Weddings are for grown ups. Children find them tedious which may lead to bad behavior. Stick to your original plan.

PSFITMOMMY413 Posts: 7,877
1/10/09 2:08 P

I was at a wedding where the couple hired a couple babysitters to keep kids entertained all night. Just an option :)

1/9/09 9:59 P

Congrats!!! I am sorry to hear that people especially your family trying to be controlling. My advice is to do what you want. People especially family members need to realize that it is YOUR wedding and you need to do what pleases you. If you want them there then have them if not then don't. Don't let others dictate your wedding!

GINA10600 Posts: 4
1/9/09 8:52 P

Hey everyone! I am getting married March 27, 2009... less than 3 months away. Well I have been engaged for about a year and a half and I have remained calm throughout the whole thing. I never let my inner bridezilla chime in, when it should have many of times. No matter what I do, people have something to say, and I know you cannot always please everyone. Well, here is the one thing I will not compromise: No children under 16 invited to the wedding.

Welllll... apparently this is a huge thing because we have people travelling in from out of state. My solution is either 1. they do not come or 2. they travel with a sitter (close family friend or regular sitter). Bear in mind, that if I did compromise and allow the people who travelled out of state to bring children I would offend my in state family and friends. I turned to the knot to see the proper etiquette for this scenario, and apparently my solution is common with other brides. Well, our families do not seem to agree with this solution.. I don't want to compromise, Ive done that too many times. Any suggestions?

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