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07SOJO Posts: 1,652
7/17/12 10:25 A

I must have missed the glitch; no troubles logging on or going thru the site this morning.

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (138,672)
Fitness Minutes: (183,832)
Posts: 9,620
7/17/12 10:06 A


There were some technical issues yesterday but that has all been resolved.

Be well,

7/16/12 8:47 P

I got an error about cookies being too large [web cookies, not cookies I ate!], this happens about once a month to me. I just delete all my cookies and it fixes it, but it's annoying to have to do every month and then have to log into EVERY website all over again...

MLAN613 Posts: 18,828
7/16/12 5:00 P

I was unable to log in for awhile, which is probably good because I'm at work.

NWLIFESRC Posts: 9,316
7/16/12 3:37 P

Back up now

CRYSTALDANCER SparkPoints: (106,701)
Fitness Minutes: (123,314)
Posts: 3,069
7/16/12 3:00 P

I was having trouble tracking for the last 1/2 hour too. Works now though.

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
7/16/12 2:49 P

It happened to me as well. It has happened a few times before but considering the size of the SP data base is, I am not surprised. There is no question that the software needs a major, major overhaul but the expense would be out of site. I would really like a robust word processor so the email is more like what is available in many word processors. That being said, the benefits from SP is so high that I can tolerate it (once in a while). the danger I see is a total failure is a possibility as we grow and stress the system.

KGWINDER Posts: 1,503
7/16/12 2:48 P

Just got meal tracked! This would be a great Skinner rat pressing the bar test....I just keep going until I got the reward. I'm laughing at myself.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
7/16/12 2:41 P

It is still messing up.

KGWINDER Posts: 1,503
7/16/12 2:19 P

Yep, for 1/2 hour couldn't log on, now food tracking not going and generally slow response. Obviously, things are being worked on. I look at it as my challenge this I able to keep my commitment on tracking, food etc even with something blocking me. Of course! Paper and pencil is out until the tracker is back working...besides I know the number of calories in things by now.

CHICCHANTAL Posts: 2,135
7/16/12 2:10 P

for an awful moment I thought I'd been booted off for the five bits of fudge I ate today. I'm going to count them,honest . . .

PRPLGURL Posts: 34
7/16/12 2:08 P

yes can not track food at all right now

CHICCHANTAL Posts: 2,135
7/16/12 2:04 P

anyone else have trouble getting on the site just now?

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