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Posts: 1,648
7/17/12 10:25 A

I must have missed the glitch; no troubles logging on or going thru the site this morning.

SparkPoints: (95,752)
Fitness Minutes: (112,128)
Posts: 9,432
7/17/12 10:06 A


There were some technical issues yesterday but that has all been resolved.

Be well,

Posts: 265
7/16/12 8:47 P

I got an error about cookies being too large [web cookies, not cookies I ate!], this happens about once a month to me. I just delete all my cookies and it fixes it, but it's annoying to have to do every month and then have to log into EVERY website all over again...

SparkPoints: (155,234)
Fitness Minutes: (154,410)
Posts: 10,150
7/16/12 5:00 P

I was unable to log in for awhile, which is probably good because I'm at work.

Posts: 9,310
7/16/12 3:37 P

Back up now

SparkPoints: (62,480)
Fitness Minutes: (56,126)
Posts: 3,002
7/16/12 3:00 P

I was having trouble tracking for the last 1/2 hour too. Works now though.

SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
7/16/12 2:49 P

It happened to me as well. It has happened a few times before but considering the size of the SP data base is, I am not surprised. There is no question that the software needs a major, major overhaul but the expense would be out of site. I would really like a robust word processor so the email is more like what is available in many word processors. That being said, the benefits from SP is so high that I can tolerate it (once in a while). the danger I see is a total failure is a possibility as we grow and stress the system.

Posts: 1,366
7/16/12 2:48 P

Just got meal tracked! This would be a great Skinner rat pressing the bar test....I just keep going until I got the reward. I'm laughing at myself.

Posts: 1,809
7/16/12 2:41 P

It is still messing up.

Posts: 1,366
7/16/12 2:19 P

Yep, for 1/2 hour couldn't log on, now food tracking not going and generally slow response. Obviously, things are being worked on. I look at it as my challenge this I able to keep my commitment on tracking, food etc even with something blocking me. Of course! Paper and pencil is out until the tracker is back working...besides I know the number of calories in things by now.

Posts: 2,126
7/16/12 2:10 P

for an awful moment I thought I'd been booted off for the five bits of fudge I ate today. I'm going to count them,honest . . .

Posts: 34
7/16/12 2:08 P

yes can not track food at all right now

Posts: 2,126
7/16/12 2:04 P

anyone else have trouble getting on the site just now?

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