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6/13/12 2:57 P

Use fat free mayo (not much), use one egg without the yolk and chopped a few onions up fine to put in it, with a little ms. dash, mix it up and put it on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. You won't even need salad dressing for this salad!! It's yummy too!

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6/13/12 2:50 P

Pesto would be good mixed in with tuna. my favorite way to make tuna is with some vinegar and black pepper. My brother prefers it with dijon mustard. Or you can use dijonanise to give it a creamy like mayo texture.

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6/13/12 1:20 P

tuna, tiny bit of mayo, raw red onions, capers . YUM

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6/13/12 1:16 P

"Of course, the most common and UNHEALTHY way is to make tuna salad with tons of mayo, eggs and high sodium relish."

Of course?
I never heard of tuna salad with eggs and relish.

Use a little mayo and chopped celery.

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6/13/12 1:06 P

Tuna salad doesn't Have to have tons of mayo; I use a little bit and add some mustard to it. I've only had celery in my tuna salad; you could replace relish with that.

__STEPHANIE Posts: 58
6/13/12 12:35 P

tuna wraps!! i dont even use mayo...i would throw something like..sundried tomatoes or cottage cheese in it for the flavor...

salad!! throw it in a salad with some cucumbers peppers and strawberries....mmm

mix it up with rice and broccoli (this is so good)

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6/13/12 12:25 P

I have some canned tuna in the house and was looking to make something healthy with it. Of course, the most common and UNHEALTHY way is to make tuna salad with tons of mayo, eggs and high sodium relish. Any other ideas? I would love any feedback!

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