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130NOW Posts: 68
5/9/12 5:47 A

Try taking your measurements in addition to weighing yourself. The scale is going to vary based on water retention (high sodium in your diet for example), the time of day, muscle gain (that would increase the weight factor) etc...

Make sure you are weighing yourself at the same time of day, wearing the same things etc...

Hope this helps!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/9/12 5:44 A

It's normal to fluctuate quite a bit. Your weight loss won't be linear, the same every week. It'll go up and down, and over the course of 3 months you might lose (say) 10kg, but it won't be a straight line, always heading down. There'll be ups and downs.

Always remember that whatever the scale says on any given week, eating right and getting regular exercise IS good for you! You ARE doing the right thing. And eventually the scales do tend to catch back up again.

AYSHAAH Posts: 1
5/9/12 4:43 A

Hello, this is actually my very first post, I started dieting and exercising about a month ago and so far I have lost 4.2 kg "yay me" but my issue now is when I weighed my self the previous week the scale showed 97.8 but this week it showed 99kg and I was really hoping to see a reduction again for the fact that I have really tried to stick to what I have been doing since i started,pls does anybody knows why its so,thanks.

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