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ELFITZPA Posts: 1,455
7/7/09 9:31 A

Two words for you: travel insurance!!

I'd also probably take the chance and go if I were in your shoes. We just went down to NOLA a couple weeks after the start of hurricane season, and it was fine. Hopefully it'll be a mild year for storms!!

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SHANEBAIN83 Posts: 2
7/7/09 8:41 A

I'm getting married 2 weeks from Saturday and we're going to Mexico. After the stress of a wedding I'm willing to take my chances with the hurricanes for a vacation!! I was stressed about it but what can you do. I'm hoping we'll be lucky :)

7/6/09 11:56 A

So I've spent a few weeks researching honeymoons on a budget, and my fiance and I decided the Caribbean would be the best, at an all-inclusive resort. I just realized today that August (when we're going) is right in the middle of hurricane season!

Have any of you vacationed during hurricane season, and did you have a problem?
Do you have any other suggestions on budget honeymoons that will still have a beach? Any advice is appreciated!

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