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5/14/12 1:54 A

I always have it with me!

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5/14/12 12:48 A


HEARTS116 SparkPoints: (106,018)
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5/13/12 10:24 P

i keep a water bottle on me at all times

RYANB1982 SparkPoints: (4,558)
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5/9/12 8:26 A

I'm not a huge water fan... so after my first morning tea, I tell myself nothing else until I meet the daily water quota emoticon

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5/7/12 12:56 A

I just DO remember. I know it's a huge part of the process so I know I CAN"T forget. This works for me. I rarely miss my water mark. :)

5/7/12 12:43 A

I have it with my at home or outside! emoticon

WIDARLING SparkPoints: (85,686)
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5/6/12 6:41 P

I keep track of every cup I drink.

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5/6/12 6:31 P

I carry a bottle with me

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KENIKE08 Posts: 1,055
5/6/12 6:21 P

I put the water I am supposed to drink every day into a gallon jug (empty distilled water jug does well for me) and keep it in a highly visible place to remind me.

IZZYJEAN Posts: 5,027
5/6/12 5:56 P

it's been over three years since I started Spark. Drinking water is now a habit so I don't even think about it, just do it.

ALPO_SKINNY SparkPoints: (12,817)
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5/6/12 12:57 P

I have an 18 oz water bottle. Every day, I put a sticky dot on it and then when I drink it, I put a slash mark on it. Then I fill it up again. My goal is to get 5 slash marks on the bottle. I normally try to have at least 2 by lunch time and 4 by dinner time. It's just a visual reminder.

HEARTS116 SparkPoints: (106,018)
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5/6/12 12:41 P

i just keep drinking

LUCINDARW SparkPoints: (29,265)
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4/27/12 10:43 A

I bought 24oz insulated glasses that I keep filled in the freig.

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JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (74,274)
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4/27/12 5:56 A

I have a large pitcher in my fridge just for water.

AMANDACARLESKI SparkPoints: (6,779)
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4/22/12 11:59 A

I have a large water bottle that I got from Whole Foods that is about 6 glasses of water. I make it a race with myself to drink the entire bottle, which I can do within 4-5 hours. It's a great motivator!

MONTREAL12 Posts: 4,182
3/19/12 9:48 A


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3/18/12 3:46 P


JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (74,274)
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3/17/12 9:53 A

I have 3 bottles of water in the fridge all of the time. When I open the fridge looking for something/anything. I usually take a bottle of water and that keeps me from eating uncontrollably

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2/7/12 2:13 P


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DEBBY4576 Posts: 5,955
2/7/12 1:34 P

Have two 28 oz bottles that I fill for each day. Plus one regular water bottle for evening.

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2/7/12 1:21 P

Ha ha, I'm with WHYNOTMONGEESE: I'm just a compulsive tracker at heart, and LOVE those SparkPoints. They're beginning to be a new craving with me, supplanting the old ones of overeating and not exerting myself! Yeah, SparkPoints.

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LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
2/7/12 12:50 P

I keep it with me as much as possible.

Peggy (Colorado)

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ELLSKI85 Posts: 4,095
2/7/12 11:29 A

I have a pint with my breakfast, then I take a 2 pint water bottle with me to work which I drink throughout the day, then I go home and have another pint with dinner = 8 glasses.

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WHYNOTMONGEESE SparkPoints: (1,985)
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1/29/12 7:15 P

The thought of getting five sparkpoints is always on the back of my mind

LIBRATAH Posts: 13,220
1/29/12 3:35 P

I have a 32 oz water bottle I take everywhere and make sure i fill it at least two times and drink it all.

IAMAGEMLOVER Posts: 26,746
1/27/12 3:26 P

I have a water bottle with me 95% of the time

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1/27/12 9:59 A

Since I started drinking water I have actually become thirsty. Also, to stop a craving or delay a meal I will turn to drinking water. Really helps,

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LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
1/27/12 9:02 A

I keep water with me all the time. I start the day off drinking water.

Peggy (Colorado)

Please check out the teams I am on: DO IT FOR LOVE! (co-leader), FLYbabies, HAVING FUN WHILE REACHING YOUR GOALS!! (Co-Leader), Isagenix users, & The SONflowers.

DIKOPA SparkPoints: (0)
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1/26/12 9:02 P

I carry the ever-present water bottle but I love my morning hot water with lemon. I have it while making my breakfast, in a large mug (almost 500mL). It just seems to start my day off right.

JAZZ20 Posts: 1,035
1/26/12 8:00 P

Water is about the only thing I drink. I have a filtered bottle and keep track how many times I fill the bottle.

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (287,766)
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Posts: 63,299
1/26/12 7:39 P

I make it the first drink of the day and have a bottle at work, in the car and when I travel. emoticon

IAMAGEMLOVER Posts: 26,746
1/20/12 6:31 P

I drink a Poland Spring bottle when I get up to take my medications and before I eat breakfast so I won't eat so much. Before i eat lunch I drink water so I won't eat so much at lunch. Depending on what is for lunch I may drink milk or water with my meal. After lunch I keep a water bottle with me either at my desk or with me in the car. I again drink water before dinner and either milk or water with my meal. I continue to drink water until about 9. I don't like to drink after nine or I am running to the bathroom all night.

I love SparkPeople

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I am responsible for my own happiness.

My name is Bonnie

I lost 122 pounds and have maintained it since 12/28/12.

Too Blessed to be Stressed.

JDUTCHESS76 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/17/12 8:10 A

Never been a big water fan...not even a big drink fan. I could literally go all day and drink like 16oz. of something. So this is a big switch for me! LOL. But it is true, it is all in the bottle. I especially like to drink right before my meal.

JAOTTO SparkPoints: (47,597)
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1/16/12 7:14 P

The ever present cup.

ASHIE27 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/16/12 6:43 P

They key is all in the bottle/cup you drink from! I used to have a bottle that I would keep on my desk at work but I found I wasn't drinking a lot from it. I have since purcahsed a new drink bottle which is easy to use and an attractive colour. Sounds werid, but I actually enjoy drinking from this bottle! Since then I drink 4 or 5 600ml bottles a day. And that is just at work!

SYBILBAKER Posts: 1,749
1/16/12 6:33 P

it's just a habit; whether it's plain, with a tea bag, or added flavors

HATTORIKID SparkPoints: (2,930)
Fitness Minutes: (1,443)
Posts: 27
1/16/12 10:49 A

I bought myself a new water bottle
It chills and filters
I bought two - one in pink and one in blue - so that I could alternate them
And the two different colors helps keep track of which freeze stick I just used, and make sure one filter doesn't get used too much more than the other
To drink from it I just have to flip up the straw part - it makes it easier to drink from while browsing the internet or driving or talking with friends on skype
And it has a handle feature on the lid, so it's easier to take with me everywhere I go^^

SUNGIRL822 Posts: 755
1/10/12 11:03 A

i like my water at room temperature so i just leave them around everywhere. There's always 4 or 5 bottles on my desk at work. Then on the night stand, on top of the microwave, next to the tv remote. In the winter I keep a case in my car so it's always there.

CLIMBERS_ROCK SparkPoints: (56,445)
Fitness Minutes: (13,979)
Posts: 3,195
1/10/12 10:43 A

I don't have to remember. I love water and drag it around with me all day.

Donna "Shady" Shea
JK0102 Posts: 439
1/10/12 10:38 A

its a daily habit now...

SUPERFIT81 Posts: 22
1/10/12 10:26 A

I have a pint glass in the kitchen on the window sill that holds two cups and I fill it up and drink it four times each day - when I get up, breakfast, dinner, before bed.

PCOH051610 Posts: 3,725
1/10/12 9:09 A

It has become a habit!

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YOGAGIRL289 Posts: 456
1/10/12 8:58 A

I drink 1-2 glasses of water first thing in the morning before breakfast and keep two 16 oz water bottles filled and with me (especially in the car) throughout the day. I drink at least 1 of the bottles on the drive to work and one on the way home. If I have water with lunch, water during or after exercise, and water with dinner, that easily makes 8 or more glasses a day.

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CASSIOEPIA Posts: 18,103
1/10/12 8:53 A

I use a two cup glass, and just make sure that I drink this when I first get up, I fill it first thing at my desk in the morning and make sure it's gone by lunch, do the same for my afternoon, and then fill it up when I get home again and make sure it's gone before bed. I don't usually have any problem getting enough, and most days actually get ten-twelve cups in.

I read that one member keeps a couple of small containers on her window sill. She has eight pennies in one container, and as the day goes on, she moves a penny over to the other container as she finishes a cup.

Saskatchewan, Canada
ILMEL1957 Posts: 2,490
1/10/12 5:08 A

I love water and don't have a problem getting enough. It seems that bottled water is the key. I carry one with me everywhere I go and refill it from my water dispenser at home all day long.


ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
1/10/12 3:30 A

I have a water bottle I keep with me all day at work on my desk, filled

LOSINIT36 Posts: 234
1/10/12 12:25 A

I have a water bottle that I try to have gone by lunch. Then I refill for the afternoon and try to do the same thing before I go home. I found that if I have almonds or crackers for a snack I drink more water.

1/7/12 5:47 A

I am still struggling with this too. I found at first buying bottled water and just grabbing one every meal helped. Now that I am trying to be environmentally concerned however, I have bought a brita water filter and fill a VERY LARGE soda cup, the kind I got at fast food joints I saved...the large ones...with water every meal.

THOMS1 Posts: 11,178
1/6/12 9:35 P

I carry a camelbak water container and make sure I refill it 4 times a day. You really just have to keep it in your mind, do it and pretty soon it becomes a habit.


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TOYINGEORGE SparkPoints: (717)
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1/6/12 9:24 P

Looking for tips on how to do this

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