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3/2/09 5:17 P

My fiance is doing better then me! We started this weight loss journey together and not only did he jump on board right away but he reached goal before me. Now that being said we have a very close relationship and he does most of the cooking and knew i wanted to eat healthy. But it surprised me that he was that supportive. Now I am learning to eat healthy and keep my potion sizes down while he is learning what he can eat extra and what he can't. He is a huge motivation to me.

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3/2/09 3:45 P

Take it slowly. It will definately be hard getting him to eat healthy when ya'll aren't living together but make sure when ya'll are together that you are eating healthy. It will start to rub off in time but pushing him to do it is probably not the answer. When I started eating really healthy I did it on my own and a little while later my fiance followed. I never asked him too (he is in shape and was pretty healthy before) or forced it, he did it because he saw me being healthy and didn't want to be left behind. His brother is extremely overweight and he gets on him all the time to exercise and work out but it doesn't help. I feel the more you push someone the more they don't want to listen. Try your best to let him see how being healthy has positevely affected you and hopefully he'll follow. Good luck!

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3/2/09 1:52 P

I wish I could control more of what my fiance eats. He lives across the street from me but spends most of his time at my place when I am home. I work full time. We always eat supper together, but I know that he doesn't eat breakfast ever and he doesn't eat lunch very often.

3/2/09 1:46 P

okay so i am starting to get worried about my fiancee and his eatting habbits... he doesnt eat breakfast, he doesnt get one 30 min to an hour break but two 15 min breaks durring the day and he eats like two or three sandwhiches each break, and when he comes home he has top ramen soup as a snack and then eats dinner an hour after... and then sometimes eats late at night... i currently live 45 mins from him, and his step mom tells me about all of this, i guess because she is concerned... i know i really have no room to talk since i am really over weight... but i am trying to do something about it... and Chris isnt really over weight but he is starting to get his dad's gut... and he keeps telling me that he is just really hungry all the time and that since he works in a warehouse and is moving boxes its okay for him to eat that much!! i reallydont think so... and i am worried...

i need some tips on how i can get him mottivated while i am here at school and untill we move in toour apartment this summer, which is when both of us will be able to watch what each of us eats and be there when one of us needs some one to hold them up... (i plan on cooking and eatting really healthy meals compared to what i get with my meal plan here at school...and how he eats at home and work)

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