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2/20/13 3:21 A

McKenna could be a good option. All of the best.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 70,901
2/19/13 12:36 A

I CAN MAKE YOU THIN by Paul McKenna is really good. You can find clips of him on YouTube and his CDs are great.

Also, on YouTube are clips of doing EFT TAPPING. Learn to do it and it helps with stress.

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2/18/13 7:45 A

Hi guys,
Ive just started listening to some hypnosis tapes which deal with emotional eating. Ive lost weight so many times in the past only to regain it through eating out of anxiety and stress. Its at the point where I know what im doing and I know I am self sabotaging, but I still cant stop myself from going for food, especially when Im home alone.

Ive seen therapists in the past who when I speak about my weight they simply tell me to exercise more and watch what I eat. But I know that without addressing the overwhelming compulsion to eat bad food to dull emotions - especially anxiety and stress, I will never atain and reach my ideal weight.

Has anybody out there tried hypnosis? If so - did it help?

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