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5/27/12 4:39 P


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5/27/12 10:37 A

good job!

5/25/12 1:47 P

I'm on week 2 as well with 11 lbs down.

5/24/12 9:57 P


ELISELOVE1 Posts: 6,342
5/24/12 3:34 P


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5/22/12 5:20 P


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5/21/12 4:51 P


5/21/12 4:34 P

Its my second week of the 28 day bootcamp trial, and I can honestly say that it seems doable.

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5/21/12 3:32 P

Good for you!

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5/21/12 2:28 P

although i started off rough and could not get it right on the first week, now i can say that although i am 3 weeks in, i am on my second week of doing well. i was even able to get in some walking (3 whole miles). i have a pair of shoes i just purchased. they are too high and i need to learn how to walk in them. i will be using these shoes as a part of exercise. i used them at church sunday and boy let me tell you, my muscles tighted and were aching in my calves. my legs were trembling. i thought what a good way to exercise my legs. this obviously will tighten the muscles and work them too. so i am leaving work to go home and put on some shoes i can not walk in. I am looking for exercises to start out that will not hurt me but i can work in until i can do cario. any suggestions will help. i plan to go to the doctor in about two weeks or maybe sooner. i will log my weight then. I hope I am trimming down. They say hunger is good and i've deffinitely been that.

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