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LWADE1963 Posts: 936
5/31/12 1:11 P

thanks for your comments and suggestions. yes, it was way too much sugar. i think journalling will help. as a matter of fact, i am gonna do that tdy. i did get back on wagon this morning.

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5/31/12 2:39 A

Individual days (especially those that don't turn out well!) are much less important than an overall pattern of regular healthy habits. Make sure that you don't punish yourself tomorrow to make up for it - it will even out soon!

5/31/12 1:31 A

I used to "lose it" 2 or three times a month. My nutritionist suggested journaling "what were you feeling, how did you handle it, what changes can you do next time".

That really helped me keep it from being a habbit.

sorry about the headache, by the way. too much sugar?

Good luck tomorrow.

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5/30/12 11:10 P

It is all good - just jump back on track tomorrow!!

5/30/12 10:38 P

happens to the best of us... just be sure to jump back on the wagon tomorrow and it won't mean anything even in the short run!

LWADE1963 Posts: 936
5/30/12 10:13 P

Had a major binge tdy. Consumed 1500 cal worth of junk. Now i have a headache!!

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