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4/26/12 9:56 P

Being your healthiest and most fit self will make all else you do easier and more empowered. Make your wellness a priority. emoticon

BLACKROSE_222 Posts: 4,851
4/26/12 11:37 A

I really like RADIOTIKSPARK1's comments, and would only add - remember that healthy eating and healthy choices will only help you more when it coems to being a busy lady! Food is fuel, and Exercise can be a 'Recharge of the Batteries" or even the only ME time you might get!

Good luck, and congrats on joining!

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4/26/12 6:46 A

Well, to me it sounds like you are both a busy lady AND a lady in control :) It takes a lot of confidence, a lot of will power, and a lot of serious management skill to be all of those things. How about looking at your diet as being another thing that you are in charge of. You are a mommy, a wife, a student, a boss, and someone who is fully in control of her own body. Approach it like an important project, like a serious skill you are learning, like something that is fully within your management capabilities. So much of this process is mental, you have to get to the right mental place...and you sound like the kind of lady who can do it!

DANEKASS Posts: 18
4/25/12 11:30 P

Hi everyone So I was wanting a few pointers on how to stay motivated. I'm a mom, wife, IT student, and I'm also Office Manager of a pharmacy...its really hard, and pointers?

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