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9/3/12 12:34 A

thanks for all the feedback. I actually really like to exercise, i just prioritize myself lower than everything else so of course, it gets put on the back burner.
loving all the motivational replies
thanks guys! emoticon

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9/2/12 1:45 P

I have to admit i detest exercise (unless its swimming..that i love). I dont especially like taking a shower or brushing my teeth either, but i wouldnt THINK of not doing them. Its non negotiable..i just do it. It has become part of my daily routine.
Once you get doing just do it. i never think..oh i dont want to, because thats NOT an option for me!!

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9/2/12 11:19 A

Once you start a workout, you will feel better and WANT to do it. I wake up before my family and do it while they sleep. Im not missing out on anything and get it done and out of the way, anything else we do that day is just bonus burnt calories!!! Just schedule it in and do it!

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9/1/12 10:03 P

As in the other small goals you have set, treat this the same way. Aim for consistency, by starting small. Ten minutes a day done consistently, can change your life. Once you start exercising, you will find that you actually have more energy, and will start sleeping better at night, leading to better days ahead.

And another piece of advise would be to NOT leave it til after your very full day. Take ten minutes in the morning, by getting off the bus one stop earlier or parking farther away. Take that ten minutes on a coffee break, or over lunch.

For myself, if I don't get my cardio done in the morning, there are too many variables that crop up in the day which might interfere with exercising later in the day. But we all are different, so finding your best time of day is up to you. Even taking the kids out would be something you could count as cardio - if it gets your heart rate up and can be carried on for ten minutes.

Baby steps - go in the direction you want to end up.

Best wishes.

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8/31/12 11:34 A

I am in the same boat as you are..but I am trying to figure out other ways that maybe helpful as well..

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8/30/12 11:33 P

So I have the usual question: how do you find time/motivation after a day of work, kids, house work, life in general?

I've managed to make my diet soooo much more healthy, and thanks to the small goals at Spark, I manage to drink almost 8 cups a day. but getting to work out and just take the time to say :this is important and i need to stop and take care of myself still eludes me.

thanks all emoticon

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