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my first day, how do i keep up this motivation?

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4/26/12 1:06 P

keep your big why in mind. Without a big why that keeps you going, it is nearly impossible to succeed. my big why are my nieces and nephews. I want to get healthy so that I can spend quality time with them.

Posts: 2,639
4/26/12 9:24 A

emoticon you just need keep moving.. move, move, move, move as much as you can, wherever you are...

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4/25/12 2:31 P

Thanxs girls... i will definitly try to use my husband as a diet buudy becuase for all other things he listens and gives me advice.

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4/24/12 8:07 P

Every single day I discuss my diet with my diet buddy. I tell him whatever I have felt, whatever I have learned, what ever has been troubling me. I tell him my hopes and my fears, my accomplishments and my setbacks. I've done this every day, since Dec 14th, without fail. It is the most amazing motivator for two reasons: I can "get it all out" AND I am held accountable because I know I have to talk to him about it every day.

My diet buddy is my boyfriend, it is easy because we live together, BUT he isn't on a diet and doesn't need to lose weight (5'11 and 145 pounds without trying...the jerk!). He is just willing to listen and talk.

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4/24/12 4:44 P

I set small goals, achieve them then reward myself. Simple, yes? I set a goal and take time and let it become a habit. Eventually all these little changes to my food intake and exercise routine have added up to a healthy lifestyle! For me, I think of the weight loss as a side effect of living healthy and not as my main objective. That keeps me motivated when the scale isn't changing.

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Posts: 8
4/24/12 4:23 P

Today was my first day on a diet and actually exercising. I woke up determined because i stayed up all of last night crying my eyes out because i know that it is time for me to make a change in my life... first for me and then for my daughter. So i want to ask all of u guys on here that have been doing this for a long time, how do u keep motivated on a daily basis?

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