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WAYMORE Posts: 2
3/25/11 6:34 A

This calorie thing is interesting. I have lost about 30 lb and it has been s-l-o-w. I am not thrilled. In fact, I am seeing an endocrinologist today to
double check a couple of things. I work out at least three times a week. The Spark program with its ability to tract all of the nutrients has been fabulous. A dietician suggested I was not getting enough fat in the caloric break down. I increased it and the weight slowed down even more. For me, carbs seem to be the issue. It is difficult to juggle fat/ carb and protein balance and stay under the max calories your body can deal with. For me,1 calorie over 1200 a day and that weight is not moving. I am averaging .75 to 1 lb loss a week and it is frustrating.
But, that said, slow and steady is getting me to a better place each month. I feel terrific and I am
loving exercise which is totally a new behavior. What I found was, watching carefully the food tracking and the results of when I lose and when I don't, is the best teacher of how many calories and with what nutrient distribution. The best part is I have never eaten as well as I am now- all the calories aare healthy ones. Best to all as they journey to better health, Lorme

SHERRYJVP Posts: 1,204
3/24/11 6:41 P

as you will learn on here, it is very important to eat enough calories or you will mess up your weightloss efforts..and more likekly gain back anyway.

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3/24/11 2:26 P

emoticon to SparkPeople Ray,

This is the place to do it. emoticon emoticon
Take the time to find the way around here. The resources
are amazing. The support is emoticon

Ask for help when you need it. Also join some teams
that appeal to you. There is lots of support in these
groups as well.

I did eat a little less that Spark recommends for me
while I was losing weight. We each know our bodies
best, so you might want to adjust the calories down
a little. You can reset your calories goals ( Let
me know if you need help in figuring out how to reset
the goals.)

Having said that, I would caution you not to drop
your calories too much. I have found that it works
so much better to lose slowly. I took over one
year to lose the my weight. It is healthier for the
body and gives you time to reset your lifestyle.
Maintenance becomes much easier later.

So take it easy in how low you keep your calories.
Remember this new way of eating is for your lifetime.
Make sure it works for you. emoticon

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3/24/11 1:25 P

Welcome!!!! Have a wonderful journey!!!
Please browse through the nutrition articles and work out your program based on healthy guidelines. Starving is as bad as overeating. What ever your health goals, please look at all of the options and see what's best for you. If you're not an active person, less may be best. Have a good time. Keep Sparkin'!!!

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3/24/11 7:52 A

Im not sure , i dont eat as many calories as the program suggest is that normal

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