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11/3/12 1:50 A

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My father had cancer last year, and we had to spend Christmas not knowing if he had it for sure or not yet. emoticon So while I don't know what you're personally going through, I have a sense of how hard it is. emoticon Sometimes I don't think doctors understand how hard it is to not know the status of your health. Just please try to stay positive and stay away from the internet cause it will scare you to death when researching health problems! One of the rules my dad & I had, was that we wouldn't research his type of cancer at all in case it would scare us. He is cancer free now and I hope and pray that you will receive good news as well. God bless!

11/3/12 12:50 A

I've been fighting b cell non hodgkins lymphoma for 17 years - 6 occurences; the most recent one was just this past summer.

Recently I had an MRI to of my eye orbits, and surrounding tissues to get a closer look at some swelling. Several areas lit up.

I've had the biopsy, results are still just partial - but show that the problem is not the b cell lymphoma that been with my for all these years. Yet the problem can not be clearly identified with the information we currently have.

My oncologist is sending me back to Yale New Haven Hospital to a team of docs who are going to try and figure out why my tissue sample from the biopsy shows a proliferation of t cells.

The not knowing is very stressful. You can't treat what you don't know

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