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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/30/12 2:06 A

No you can't replace fat with muscle by doing weights and eating 1400 calories per day. You'll probably just lose more fat.

That's still far too low an intake.

As I stated, muscle gain normally takes a calorie surplus. Check what your current range would be if maintaining by setting your weight loss goal to 0 - your goal weight the same as your start weight. The site will give you a maintenance range.

You need to be eating in at least the top of that to put down new muscle.

You pretty much can't put down new muscle if you're still eating in a deficit.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
4/30/12 12:07 A

As others said, the first step is to find out if there is any extra fat to lose. Get a body composition test. Since you're very slight and you have been dieting, you can probably get your doctor to order a bone scan as a baseline test for osteoporosis. A good bone scan also gives body fat percentage. You can't really do anything about losing fat until you know whether there is any.

And remember, you can't change the basic shape of your body. If you're small in the shoulders and bigger in the hips and thighs, for example, you will always be shaped like that no matter what you weigh. You can change the size of your whole body, but not which parts are larger or smaller than others.

PINKGIRL175 Posts: 358
4/29/12 9:52 P

thanks alot, so you think i can replace the fat with muscle by doing weights and eatting 1400 cals a day?

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/29/12 5:10 P

yes, wouldn't want to look like Kim Kardashian.. emoticon .

I agree that if that 11 lbs was muscle, and not fat, you would be much slimmer, and toned. Diet will lose the 11 lbs of fat, but ST will put on 11 lbs of muscle. I think bodyfat % is more of a concern now. Maybe it is time to step up the intensity of the exercise to overwork the muscle. We always tend to get set at certain exercises ofr weights. I think those are maintaining muscle, but by varying reps, and weight, you can stress some muscle, and every lb of muscle you gain will help burn more fat.

4/29/12 4:20 P

That is correct. Your goal now should be weight maintenance. If you feel you are wanting to gain more muscle to replace some of the body fat---this will need strength training while eating a diet for weight maintenance. I qualified trainer can determine your percentage body fat and help in directing you.

SP Dietitian Becky

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/29/12 3:25 P

You're already on the very low end of a healthy weight for your height. Hitting 100 would put you into the underweight category.

Perhaps you have stalled because you don't have anything to lose. Your body may not be prepared to drop any more fat because it's already so low.

If you want to be muscular you need to eat a calorie surplus - which depending on your activity level could be 600 or more calories more than you're eating now. I would really not recommend hitting that all at once.

So what you need to do is work out what you need to maintain your weight given your activity level. Then slowly come up about 100 cal per day each week (1500 this week, 1600 next week) until you're at that level, then keep going. Adding 100-200 calories per day over maintenance plus an intensive strength training programme will help you to put on muscle mass.

Will you gain fat? Yes. It's exceedingly difficult to both lose fat and gain muscle at once. Most body builders go through cycles - gain the muscle and fat, drop some fat and muscle. You will need to put on some healthy lean body mass and muscle to be strong and muscular now. You may gain some more fat, but you can lose that again after.

I really wouldn't recommend having a "weight" goal if you want to be muscular - certainly not one so low!! Instead aim for how your body looks, what size clothing you fit, or how many inches you want to be. "Weight" is not a good thing to look at when you want to gain muscle - muscle is very heavy.

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PINKGIRL175 Posts: 358
4/29/12 2:16 P

For the past few months I ate 1400 calories a day and lost 12 lbls. I am now 5'2" and 111 lbls. I eat very healthy and do cardio and weight machines daily. This past month I haven't lost anything. I still want to drop 11 lbs of fat and get muscular. Any suggestions on how to break through the platue?
I know to some its hard to believe, but at 111 lbs I look Kim cardashians size. Id prefer more of Jillian Michaels look...

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