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6/16/12 2:57 P

It's probably some water, but don't doubt that you've lost a little fat, too! Often we lose a lot in the beginning, so don't expect to maintain 5 lbs per week indefinitely. ;) Just keep up the great work... this means you ARE moving in the right direction! Great work!

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6/16/12 11:57 A

Yes, it's not unusual to lose that much the first week, and often it even stays off. Be happy, and REMEMBER this. Sometime further down the road you'll have weeks when you "do everything right" and you don't lose, so remember back to this week when you lost way more than the numbers say you should. It'll help keep you from getting discouraged if you keep in mind that you were extra lucky at the start.

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6/16/12 11:24 A

I think you're right-- most of your weight loss probably is due to water weight and it might come right back. Still, don't let that get you down! I'm sure you definitely HAVE lost some weight-- but maybe just a pound or two, not actually five. Keep up those great habits!

6/16/12 10:58 A

Is it possible to lose 5 lbs in a week? I started working out the beginning of this week. At the time I weighed 197. I just weighed myself this morning and Im down 5 lbs. I have been cutting out most breads, crackers, chips and drinking mostly water. I've also worked out 4 days this week.

I reweighed myself twice, just to make sure of the number. May be due to water weight?

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