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TJANDJESS Posts: 672
8/18/12 9:34 A

You only need an additional 300 calories a day (added to your maintanence calorie range) in the second and third trimester. It can be really hard to stay on track when you're pregnant because I know I had the mentality of "I can eat whatever I want" last time and gained 50lbs! Remember that if you gain the appropriate 20-30lbs during pregnancy most of it will come off from the birth and you'll only have an additional 10lbs to loose. That's worth it to make sure you have a healthy baby!

LITTLE_GIRL Posts: 283
8/16/12 9:16 A

Thanks everyone! ;-)

BEEBEA SparkPoints: (47,115)
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8/16/12 9:11 A

Also, don't despair even if you do end up gaining more weight than you want. My friend is in the best shape of her life after 3 kids --- it's never over!

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8/7/12 5:51 P



Be sure to eat healthy and stay active as long as possible as it is best for you and baby

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8/7/12 12:56 P

It's never too late. I gained about 76 lbs when my (now) 17 year old son was born. I lost 30 lbs the day he was born and another 13 shortly thereafter, so I was sure that the rest would be a breeze, but forgot to factor in stress. Before I knew it, the weight was back on. Since I got divorced and moved out of state, the stress levels have dropped, and so has some of that weight.

Anyway, if you have found that you have gained more than you wanted, don't fret - just get back on track (if you haven't already), and you will be able to get fir again.

JODNEX Posts: 1,815
8/7/12 8:22 A

Congrats! Just eat healthy and continue appropriate exercise. You'll be fine :)

LITTLE_GIRL Posts: 283
8/7/12 7:53 A

Thanks for this post. I am 11 weeks along right now and struggling to keep my weight in check. It's so good to know that others have done it. Thanks!

WILDFLOWER521 Posts: 827
4/17/12 4:30 P

DRAGONCHILDE mentioned the website. It is very good. Hope you check it out.

Everyone else had great suggestions too. Especially getting your healthy habits in place sooner rather than later. It truly does make a difference.

I was overweight when I became pregnant and I had to work that much harder to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. I was only allowed to gain 20 lbs. My youngest ended up being 9lbs.12oz. and I only gained 15 pounds. I just watched what I ate and didn't go all crazy thinking, forget it, I'm pregnant and can eat anything and everything I want.

I allowed myself a nice bowl of icecream with all the fixings once a week so I didn't feel like I was depriving myself.

I've lost all the baby weight and now I'm trying to get rid of all the prepregnancy weight.
Getting your 2 year old in on your good eating habits and exercise will keep you accountable and motivated plus teaches great life habits. If you wouldn't put the food in your 2 year old's mouth then it's not good enough for you either.

My kids love to exercise with me, we've made a game out of it and in the process get in extra family time when hubby joins in too.

Good Luck and I wish you a happy stress free pregnancy.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
4/16/12 1:11 P

Definitely start good eating habits. I was on the path to gain a decent amount of weight with my second. I lost 8 pounds before getting pregnant, then 3-4 in the first trimester, then I just let the good habits fall by the wayside. I had been doing low-carb, but thought that wouldn't be good for the baby, so I added carbs, ALL carbs, even bad ones like candy!, back in. When I was diagnosed with GD, I immediately changed my diet, and I started losing/maintaining, and ended up only gaining 5-8 pounds or so in the last trimester. I was 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight the day I gave birth, so, adding back in those I lost in the begnning, I was up about 20. (I gained about 30 with my first. Both of my kids were born early as well.) If you eat well now (I'm thinking less processed crap and just above a maintainace range), you'll probably be able to curb a huge weight gain. Congrats and good luck!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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4/15/12 11:29 A

Gaining too much weight when you're pregnant's almost entirely about eating.

Yes, you're eating for two now. That doesn't mean you're eating for *two adult people* One of those people is pretty small ;) You generally only need to add 300-500 calories a day to support a healthy pregnancy. About the equivalent of that pickle and ice cream. ;)

Sparkpeople has a whole website for pregnant and nursing moms you should check out:

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (196,920)
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4/14/12 6:11 P

get your exercise and healthy eating habits in place NOW, because if you wait until the baby is born, it certainly won't be easier then.

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4/14/12 2:26 P

hi :) im now 3 and a half months pregnant and i have a 2 year old already. i was planning to lose some weight but now that i found out im pregnant i dont see that really happening lol. i gained 76 pounds with my first and i REALLY dont want to repeat that. ive started working out everyday and eating better but idk if its going to do any good because it seems like most women in my family gained a lot of weight in their pregnancies. does anyone have any suggestions?

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