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SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
8/26/12 5:49 A

I freeze my things in quart freezer bags then in a gallon freezer bag . Meat i put in sandwich bags first then quart then gallon that way i can save the quart and the gallon bags !

8/23/12 11:42 P

I have done Once A Month Cooking (OMAC) They have a vegetarian menu, gluten free, "diet" and whole foods. Lots of options. I use one of the two week menus for 4 and freeze in single servings. If I'm not doing OMAC then I will cook a big meal once or twice a week that serves 4-6 and freeze leftovers for lunches.

I also precook and dice chicken breast and brown rice and freeze in single servings. I can make a quick dinner with chicken, rice and frozen stir fry veggies (just add Tamari sauce) on a busy night or throw the frozen chicken in my lunch box. It will thaw out in time for lunch and I can add it to my salad.

Finally, I find that a trip to the farmer's market each week allows me to buy small amounts of produce. I tend to have less waste this way.

Good luck!

2HAMSDIET Posts: 7,021
8/23/12 8:10 A

My husband is gone 4 days of the week so I have found with meat that I freeze the extra in one serving packages. Ground meat in patties as they thaw faster. I also grind and mix my own chicken Itailan sauasge but that I cook, drain and cool and package in single servings. So it can be easily put into pasta or mini pizzas ( using thin buns or tortillas.

Now I stil buy some things large as I love melons but then share it with friends and neighbors. It is fresher and does cost as much as a single serving.
Milk I also freeze in smaller containers. When I bought the single servings I found I was leaving it out of my diet. Not good so now I plan to use more of it.


DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/22/12 12:32 P

The biggest problem I have with food & cooking as a single person is having fresh produce, meat and dairy spoil before I can finish eating it all. I try to purchase single-serve packets where I can (like for yogurt), and if I can't finish eating something in a week, have a plan for how I'm going to preserve it for later. I hate wasting money on spoiled food.

As far as cooking, whole wheat pasta marinara casseroles work really well for cooking & freezing & eating later!

MISSKELEBEK SparkPoints: (48,566)
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8/5/12 9:15 A

I usually just find a recipe that looks good and make it regardless of how many it serves because I can divide up the servings and freeze the extras for another day. Usually every second Sunday I make a couple of recipes and divide it up and then I have most of my dinners in the freezer for the next week.

CHANGELIFE2016 Posts: 345
8/5/12 5:01 A

I'm single so i need some ideas about cooking for single people. Obviously i need food and reipces that are good for leftovers. I would LOVE to do all my cooking on one day but i don't know if that is possible. Any thoughts?

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