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7/11/13 7:08 P

Thanks! I feel good

7/11/13 6:28 P

That was a tough decision but you made it! That's the most important thing. Keep it up you got this!

7/11/13 12:58 P

I was feeling down while researching a genetic blood clotting mutation that I've been diagnosed with and just how complicated all the information seems. I came home and was thinking "I should just make today a cheat day and eat an entire plate of nachos." I headed for the chips and reined myself in to one serving�went for the cheese and was still thinking "no, really, I'm done for the day" but managed to go with just a slice of the reduced fat rather than heaping globs of shredded stuff.

I now have veggies in the oven.

This is not, of course, the nice salad I had intended to eat for lunch (in theory, I still could as I was at the low end of calorie range with planned lunch and this hiccough was only 180 calories), but I will be within my calorie and nutrition ranges thanks to my brain stopping my hands and mouth.

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