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Ask yourself WHY you want those things. Are you hungry? bored? upset? angry? is it a habit? This is where you will find out the best information. For example, if you are eating out of emotions (anger, sadness, anxiety, etc) then distract yourself. Try going for a walk, doing a puzzle, talking to a friend,etc. If you are eating all those things because you are hungry, or even overhungry (you went too long without eating) then you need to keep some quick meals available for yourself (I eat a WW english muffin with a boca burger, premade sandwiches, eggs cooked any way you like, cottage cheese and fruit, etc). If you are reaching for those things because you feel deprived, then you need to eat meals that you really enjoy. If you eat because it fits in your diet only, then change up your meals to something more enjoyable.

I hope that helps,

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See my problem is...even though ive tried the low cal snack...i cant just have one...i went through a whole box of them in two days...also a whole dozen doughnuts within three days before...i have tried sooo hard to fight it and it works every time i fight it but then by the end of the day or the week i end up gorging myself and im not even starving myself in the process....ive tried supplements to curb hunger and they dont work and i drink 10 16 ounce cups of water a day and that doesnt help..i stay on top of working out but when it comes to eating nothing works and ive even done the pickles or something else bitter to make whatever it is sweet that i want taste nasty...ive also brrushed my teeth and swished mouthwash in my mouth to fool my taste i have like an overeaters there such a thing lol?

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The longer you go without that stuff, the less you want it, so if you can resist for a while, it gets better. Maybe you should tell your husband he can buy his own snack cakes and keep them in his car so you don't have access to them!

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My son has a separate 'snack' basket with the cakes/chips. It is just a basket I don't look at or go into unless I am adding something. I have my own separate basket with my 100 cal snacks, pretzels, etc. Yes, I know it is there, but it works for me.

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Im not sure if im reposting an already made topic but i was wanting to know if any of you have tips you could share on what you do to resist buying diet ruining foods at the store or snacking on your husbands lunch cakes that he takes to work lol.

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