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4/17/11 8:22 A

Welcome to SparkPeople! emoticon
Look up the teams that are for your interests, age group, same weight loss amount and get to know people... Some will become great motivators to you.
As Beckey11 said, have hubby become a part of your journey.
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AKA Sukie Cards

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4/15/11 2:16 P

Good luck to you. My advice, is to search the message boards, and blog posts. find people who inspire you, or have similar goals, befreind them, and follow them around until you find the right balance of motivation, and support. It takes some time, and the lifestyle change needs to be permanent, so work on your new hubby to become your biggest supporter. Its hard to do when the peas to your carrot isn't on board.
Good Luck!

My goals show that i'd like to go from 148 to 118, while 118 is completely unrealistic and unnecessary, i'd LOVE to get there and indulge on some fatty foods occassionally :)
4/14/11 11:33 A

Hi and good luck!

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4/13/11 9:42 P

good luck on losing the weight!

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4/1/11 2:36 P

My name is kelly and I'm recently married. I am trying to get motivated to get back into shape and maintain it. I have trouble losing and staying that way. I lost a good bit for my wedding then after i started gaining some back. I'm looking for friends and support and help losing and staying fit and healthy. if you would like to get to know me better or know anything you can send me a message. Looking forward to being back and finding people that are going through what i am and that i can find support in.

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