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KERRYG155 SparkPoints: (358,886)
Fitness Minutes: (73,045)
Posts: 20,296
4/3/11 9:06 P

I started doing Leslie Sansone years ago then kind of quit when I had a trainer, but I did two of her tapes yesterday. I really enjoy them.

JMCROF SparkPoints: (7,520)
Fitness Minutes: (7,431)
Posts: 224
4/3/11 8:56 P

I do Leslie Sansone DVD's on rainy days, or the elliptical.

CATLADY69 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,860)
Posts: 965
4/1/11 9:53 A

well the rain stopped some i got in 3 miles and some yesterday just around the park and the store it was great

KERRYG155 SparkPoints: (358,886)
Fitness Minutes: (73,045)
Posts: 20,296
3/31/11 7:52 P

Well, the sun didn't come out but it did stop raining so I got in a half mile walk going to pick grandkids up at the bus stop and then I swept all the leaves off the sidewalk. Getting them while wet keeps the allergy problems down a bit.

FRAN0426 Posts: 21,082
3/31/11 5:52 P

Hope to get to feeling better real soon. It's cloudy and rain will be coming in tonight, just hope it doesn't freeze, but the rain would help clean up the mess left by the snow---and help whats left melt. I myslf went to the Y to swim today and felt better there than being at home( its either allergies or a slight asthma attach. Hers hoping the rain goes away so you can get out and workout

MSCAROL3 Posts: 842
3/31/11 4:28 P

don't feel to bed.i got up yesterday morning to go workout and it was snowing.and cold out.the weather here have being changing alot.more min it's raining.the next it's very cold.and then out of know where it's snowing.

KERRYG155 SparkPoints: (358,886)
Fitness Minutes: (73,045)
Posts: 20,296
3/31/11 12:29 P

Got up, dressed for my workout 'group' at church but the other regular cancelled so I took the grandkids to school and took my stuffy head back to bed. I've had a cup of soup for lunch and am now exploring the Spark site to see what all it has to offer. I'm hoping if the sun comes out maybe it will bring a spark of energy to my body!

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