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There's no reason you can't eat a turkey sandwich for lunch. Just weigh the meats and cheeses and put on some extra veg. You can even bring a serving size of pretzels and a fruit for snacks. If you just bring what you "think" diet food should be, you'll never stay full. As long as you weigh everthing and track, you don't need strong cooking skills. Spend about 15 minutes assembling your lunch (I do it the night before, keeping the bread dry) and this should get you started in the right direction.

I've always done better with 3 real meals and a couple snacks, than snacking throughout the day. See what works best for you.

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6/10/12 1:40 P

well, I'm really new to this, I think this is only my 4th or 5th day. Yesterday I took with me to work a cup of fresh sliced strawberries, a cup of raw baby carrots and broccoli and 2 tbsp of greek feta dill veggie dip. I didn't take anything else with me because I knew I had a 'date' with my boyfriend and I was going to splurge a bit at dinner. I did have a burger and fries for dinner, and I went over my calories and fat for the day (1610 cal, 66 fat; my max is 60). Since this is new and a BIG adjustment, I'm okay with going over that little bit...I even kind of planned for it.

Yesterday was a bad example, lol. Fri I took with me a container of raspberries, 6oz I think, more broccoli carrots and greek yogurt dip, and what a co-worker referred to as 'a fancy lunchable', whole grain crackers with garden veggie spread and turkey, and it came with the cutest little candy bar, I couldn't even eat it because it was so tiny and cute! I had a greek yogurt for breakfast, and steak with a big salad for dinner...another yogurt with granola for s snack and I STILL didn't meet my calories for the day!

I will work on planning things better, but time is an issue for me. I work 2 jobs, one is 7 days on and 7 days off, 3rd shift. On my 7 days off I work 5-6 afternoon/evening shifts at the other job. I have to flip my sleep schedule on Wednesdays.

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Don't sell yourself short. When I first met my husband, my culinary skills were limited to spagetti and stroganoff... basically, combining ingredients and stirring until hot. LOL. NOw I'm cooking some pretty amazing things... I've just learned over time, and refused to be intimidated by ingredients and a knife.

Things with prep aren't beyond you. You're just not willing to try! If you can follow directions, you can cook! Don't wait to learn these skills, either. Start now. You don't need complicated cooking to make a healthy lunch to take to work. I can't tell you how often I've made a spectacular bento lunch for my kiddo to take to school with minimal prep. The key to dealing with strange, busy schedules is planning ahead. You can absolutely cook, and there are tons of very simple meals you can cook that will keep well and can be made ahead of time so all you have to do is throw them in a bag and go!

Snacking is fine, as long as you're eating healthy things, and staying to your calorie range. There are even nutritional experts who recommend frequent small meals to keep the metabolic furnace "stoked", as it were. The problem with snacking is that it's really easy to start mindlessly eating, eat when you're not hungry, or forget to track things. What sorts of things are you snacking on? There's more to healthy eating than lining up carbs, protein, and fat. You should be eating as much whole food as possible, and try to avoid prepackaged snacks that are loaded with sodium (these are my downfall. Dear lord, the salt bloat.)

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6/10/12 1:04 P

I'm having a hard time finding the means to actually sit down and have regular meals. I work a pretty strange (swing shift like) schedule. I'm rather new at this, still in my first week of tracking my food. I'm not very talented in the kitchen, so anything that requires a lot of prep is beyond me. I may get used to it later but for now I'm going the quick and easy route. I generally have a greek yogurt with fruit and granola for breakfast, and some form of healthy dinner like a big salad or fish and brown rice, but that stretch between breakfast and dinner is what I'm having a hard time with. I don't have the time at work to eat a lunch, or the kitchen skills to make a decent lunch to take with me for lunch. I've been basically just snacking on different things throughout the workday.

My question: Is there anything wrong with snacking all day as long as I'm getting the recommended calories in the recommended balance (carb, fat, protien)?

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