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4/18/12 2:07 P

I got my wisdom teeth out right before Thanksgiving. It seemed like horrible timing, but I ended up pretty much living off of mashed sweet potatoes. Delicious.

4/11/12 1:52 P

After I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I lived on Greek yogurt with fruit, fruit smoothies, protein shakes, and even Italian ice. There are lots of options!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
4/10/12 8:55 P

Gogurts or drinkable yogurts
Scrambled eggs
Pasta - no meat sauce

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,974
4/7/12 4:11 P

If you do go with Greek yogurt add some fruit to it. You could add applesauce to it? There are no seeds in that. I don't know how you feel about smoothies but the options are limitless. Using greek yogurt in them will give you some protein. Your body needs adequate protein to heal. What about some potato soup? I hope you feel better soon.

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4/7/12 3:30 P

Oh! Also, be careful with the fruit smoothies. I gave that a go but had some terrible run ins with blueberry and strawberry seeds drifting into unhappy places around my sutures. I gave up on them and just opted for drinkable yogurt in the end. You want to avoid anything with little bits until the stitches come out.

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4/7/12 3:27 P

I have been where you are (3 out of 4 mouth surgeries in the past 3 months, the next one is scheduled for Wednesday). For the most part you are just going to have to resign yourself to eating food that is, well, pretty lame. You will most likely start feeling better tomorrow or the next day. However, I'll suggest two things that worked for me.

1) Congee. Look it up. In its most basic form it is a rice porridge. On the day of each surgery I made a huge pot of it with tuna and saffron. Let it cool down of course, and then slowly ate it. It fills you up.

2) Pinto beans, tomato paste or tomato sauce, and tofu in a food processor. Really any beans work. Sure it isn't high class eating, but it is soft and packed (PACKED!) with protein and the flavors are complex enough that it isn't boring. I ate that every night during my last two surgeries and I am going to go back for it after my surgery next week.

Other than that, you could try having different kinds of porridge. Make some out of bulgur or quinoa. Also I was able to just do scrambled eggs that were a bit runny.

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4/6/12 2:53 P

Smoothies are a great idea . How about some cottage cheese for some protein? Greek yogurt I find to be more satisfying than regular yogurt too. Another thought might be glucerna. You should definitely talk to your doctor if you are having trouble with your blood sugar.

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4/6/12 1:49 P

Hi Jenn,

If you have blood sugar issues and having diificulty with finding foods that you can eat while controlling your blood sugar you may want to contact the doctor who did the surgery.

Coach Nancy

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4/6/12 1:48 P

Hang in there !

Do you have a blender ? How about making some fruit smoothies ? If you can't chew, you could always try Spagethi Os or canned ravioli. I know they aren't the best choice, but they are soft and you don't have to chew them. That will at least help keep your calories up.

JENNANDERTON78 SparkPoints: (1,194)
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4/6/12 1:36 P

had surgery on my mouth wednesday. in terrible pain and can only eat soft foods. mainly food that require no chewing until next wednesday.
so tired of oatmeal soup yogurt and applesauce.
what can I eat. i am having trouble controlling my blood sugar. it keeps dropping. i am drinking coffee with sugar today to help that and juice. i need more foods to eat.
sucks right before a holiday too

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