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3/28/12 10:49 A

I agree with Unident on this one; while you absolutely got a workout... it's unlikely it was the kind of sustained activity that would qualify for true cardio, but that doesn't mean your time was wasted!

Log it, but do NOT log the 7, or even 3.5 hours of sustained cardio that you didn't do. Unless your heart rate was in the cardio range for that time (which is unlikely) then I wouldn't count that much.

You DID do a lot of effort though... and that's awesome!

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3/28/12 1:55 A

Some will say no, but I say sure, especially if you're going to halve the time.

This is excess activity that isn't part of your normal daily routine. Your body hasn't become as effecient at that as it might be at, say, just walking. It's much more loggable than "I walked a total of 2 miles around campus between my classes today".

You certainly won't feel like exercise again today anyway!

I would suggest logging it as just one hour of low-impact aerobics. The reason is that when you log more than an hour, because the estimates include the BMR figure, it really starts double-counting. If you log 3.5 hours, you're going to count a lot of calories you really didn't burn. And also, how much time was spent planning, prepping, doing lighter work tasks, resting, eating etc?

So I would, for me, compromise by logging one hour of some form of exercise (and low-impact aerobics is a good catch-all). But not more.

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3/28/12 1:12 A

I know that sparkpeople takes general activity into account when calculating your daily totals, but I spent 7 hours deep cleaning my floors today. I'm talking moving furniture, pushing my steam cleaner around on my carpet (and that thing is so hard to push!), and scrubbing floors on my hands and knees like Cinderella. Can I count that as cardio? Maybe cut the time I spent in half when tracking so I don't overestimate?

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