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2/11/13 9:39 A

i am keeping a blog running of each day for this fresh start journey. I refuse to give up i am on day 4...

2/10/13 3:05 P

ty :) i will do this i am not going to give up. i want this for me. to be a better person no longer to please others.

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,577
2/9/13 2:27 P

Your size doesn't define who you are dearie, being large or not you are a fighter and you will win in this. Starting afresh is significant, "losers" in life don't stand to face their fears and foes, they whine and hide. Some of them even call others names because of their inner fears. I associate with your beliefs, you can do this.

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2/9/13 1:38 P

i decided to start fresh yesterday and reset my info and goals. I have 90 lbs to go to reach my ideal weight and i am going to do it. I am tired of being called names and treated like crap. I decided i dont care what anyone else thinks now in my family i am doing this for me. i choose to no longer believe the lies and name calling that they throw at me. if i am going to succeed i have to change me and what i believe. i know i am large so what i am working on it and i will get there, if they call me names so be it i know i am not a bitch or a fat ass or lazy etc. i am going to do all i can and will meet my goals i will be successful in this goal and others.

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