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11/14/12 9:25 P

that makes sense! thank you!

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Tracking your steps is not the same as walking .81 miles consistently so we do not recommend that you track this figure in the cardio fitness tracker for calories burn--(you can track the steps in SparkPeople Step tracker though). Consider tracking your steps as a bonus...if you are looking to add this as want to walk consistently for at least 20 minutes, elevating your heart rate between 60-85% of your max heart rate.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

HALLOWEENMOM SparkPoints: (11,280)
Fitness Minutes: (2,699)
Posts: 108
11/14/12 9:16 P

i just bought a very simple step/distance tracker today to use until i can buy a fitbit. i wore it around the house for 3 hours and it said i took 2346 steps/ .81 miles. when i entered it into mileage under "my fitness" it said i burned 357 calories. that doesnt seem right to me. does anyone know how to figure out calories burned and how to track it accurately?

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