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3/1/13 9:20 A

@RIVETPA - I agree completely -- challenges don't have to be crazy difficult. My personal challenge is to create and continue a streak of walking at least 1 mile a day, each day, despite weather and so on. Hard. Always other things to do. But I want to extend that streak, so I keep trying. I think the streak is the motivation. I don't expect to become a sleek, sexy hearthrob from walking a mile a day. But owning the streak would be nice.

Guys -- what works for you?


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3/1/13 7:25 A

Yeah, here I am writing about this today being Friday when really it started for me on Sunday.

It's been a busy week and I haven't had time for my regular workout routines so last Sunday morning I thought I'd challenge myself - a simple challenge but it's been really effective this week!

My challenge was to do 2 sets of 30 pushups every morning this week. Time permitting do more exercise than that, but at least do that.

Here we now are at Friday and I've done this every morning since Sunday. I'm impressed. A simple challenge, but it worked.

Just wanted to share that with everyone - challenges don't have to be something crazy difficult, or near impossible to achieve - it can be something that requires some discipline and motivation towards a short term goal.

Next week - I'm going to think up a new challenge to try out!

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