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PINKHOPE Posts: 25,770
6/26/12 3:10 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople!

Hi! I'm 56! You have an "on the go" life!

This is a great place to get healthy! There are so many tools, resources, and encouraging people to help you on your journey to "Health & Fitness". Be sure to poke around the site and try the nutrition and fitness trackers, Spark Recipes, Daily Spark, health articles, and secrets.

Joining a team will help you meet like-minded people that share similar life situations or goals. Be sure to read member blogs as there is a wealth of information there. You can start with one of mine:

If you have further questions or just want to chat, stop by my Sparkpage or send me a Sparkmail. Just click on the button under my profile picture on the left.

Press On!

BILL60 Posts: 951,931
6/26/12 1:31 P

Welcome to SP and hang tough.

6/26/12 1:10 P

i am a female over the road truck driver i am 59 years old i need to lose weight so i can get around a lot better and have more energy. i have my own set up truck and trailer and my authority. when i am sitting still i am usually doing paper work for my bussiness. that is another reason i need to lose weight. i am not married so my son and family lives in my home and keeps it up for me. i am home about 3 days of the month. i stay out for 4 to 6 weeks.i need motavation to stay on my diet. i eat ww meals and lean curise meals add vegetables and yourt and fruit. i do good in the day come evening i have a sweet attach or cheese attack can anyone tell me where to find the truck drivers in my same situation Clementime emoticon

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