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4/28/03 4:37 P

thanks for the support and the advice - I tried adkins for 17 days a year ago, but it really was too much for me and I soon fell off the wagon. I am trying to even out consumption and even find eating a good breakfast gets me off on the right foot (why are mom's always right in the long run?)

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4/28/03 3:47 P

Ola: Life without chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding. I love Napoleons too. Just seldom eat them. I think the last one I had was over 10 years ago.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/28/03 3:34 P

The only way I have ever found that gets rid of my sweet tooth is to eat a low carb diet. I do a 30% carbohydrate diet and most of my carbs come from fruits, vegies, and steel cut oats. I plan to add in beans and peas but I try to stay away from too many grains, especially highly processed grains.

The National Institutes of Medicine recommends different carb levels for different people but the lowest they go is 45%. The American Diabetes Association is pretty much stuck on 50% carbs. The best eating plan possible for health of Type 1 Diabetics, in my opinion, is the very low carb diet prescribed by Dr. Richard Bernstein, at least with the older treatment programs. Note that the now days use of the Insulin Pump and the latest insulin on the market, Insulin Glargine sold under the label Lantus, may make Bernsteins way of eating unneccesary. For Type 2 Diabetics, I think the Schwarzbein Principal will work great without getting so drastic as the Bernstein Method. Schwarzbein actually provides a way of eating that is enjoyable; Bernstein is followed by people after years of complications are worth reducing even if eating will become nothing but a medical treatment. One trick to learning to eat the Scwarzbein way is to start with the Atkins Induction way. Atkins, especially Atkins Induction, is very controversial but it sure does teach you that you can live and enjoy it on a reduced carbohydrate diet. Super low carbing on Atkins Induction for a few weeks can make 30 to 45% low carbing seem very easy.

Whatever you do, eat well and exercise. You don't want to develop Type 2 and you really don't want to end up being a Type 2 on Insulin. I highly suggest you read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution, The Schwarzbein Principle, and The Schwarzbein Principle II. If you can't find these at the library, you can usually find Schwarbein at the bookstore. The first volume is even easily findable at used bookstores. You probably have to order the Bernstein book. One place you can get it is at If you don't like to order on line or over the phone, your local bookstore will probably order it for you.

The SP System is great for helping you eat well and exercise. Your Pre-Diabetes stage will give you the extra motivation. Reading Bernstein will motivate you even more, especially if you read the first chapter which contains many stories from people with diabetic complications.

My one sweet trick: Artificial sweeteners in most things (jello, diet soda, etc.) don't satisfy any cravings I have but this one thing does: A cup of hot tea plus one spoonful of Lipton Instant Tea With Nutra Sweet and Lemon Flavor plus one package of Sweet-n-Low, Nutrasweet, or Splenda. It is hot, lemony, and super sweet. I normally hate supersweet but there is something about this supersweet that satisfies rather than annoys me. I do decaf on the teas but if you do caffeine, the mild caffeine addiction will make the tea an even better deterent to eating other sweets. Not that a caffeine addiction is a good healthy thing but if it helps you avoid becoming a Type 2, I'm all for it.

In restaurants, I order hot tea and add fresh lemon and artificial sweetener.

On the instant tea: I've tried other brands of the same thing (instant tea, lemon flavor, nutrasweet) but they have tasted bad. I've also tried the Lipton instant with Sweet-n-Low instead of Nutra Sweet but it tasted bad also.

One other thing: You need to eat well all day long starting with breakfast. You need to get sufficient proteins and fats. Eating well helps control your appetite. If you skip breakfast and then eat a doughnut, you might crave sweets more than ever. If you skip meals and/or simply don't eat enough to control your appetite, you will eventually be driven to go for junk carbs.

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4/28/03 2:58 P

haha!! I wish!! I know that Cyp will be on this thread very soon to answer your question....but until then, I'll put in my two cents.
Eversince I've been trying to lose weight, I've had the sweet tooth problem. One day I decided to tell myself over and over that I did not like sweets. I try to use these little mind over matter 'sayings' in my head whenever I see sweets. I think...I'm a skinny person, and skinny people don't eat this way. I think 'better to waste, than to the waist';
I think of how many calories I need to burn in order to eat that food...
I think of how much more I will want it if I just have a little bite.
- one that really worked for me, was my doctor telling me that I couldn't eat chocolate anymore(and tomatoes...because I have a stomach problem that gets worse when I eat these foods), and eventhough I have medication to help the pain, I still tell myself that the doctor told me not to eat these things....and just how disappointed she will be when I tell her.

another thing is to imagine myself in summer clothes..not the way I look now, but the way I will look if I DON'T eat that eclair, or napoleon. mmm...those are my fav!!

These methods are not by any means fool proof. I keep messing up, but at least I'm getting through more than a couple of days at a time without messing up, and I think that's a huge step in the right direction.

coopsdiet Posts: 2
4/28/03 1:42 P

I have been told all of my 39 years to loose weight. I was told 2 wks ago my blood sugar levels are rising and it is time to take it seriously. I have been following a nutritionists 1800 calorie diet and have been doing ok. but sure could use some suggestions on what to do with this sweet tooth problem - do they make fat free/sugar free tiramisu? :)

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