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I like my Hoover Windtunnel upright.

I don't know how your kids will do with it though....

Many vacs have HEPA filters on them now ,and you can get HEPA bags.

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8/28/12 5:14 P


BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (52,119)
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8/27/12 8:00 P

I am having a really hard time. my miele has broken down for the 3erd time. the first 2 x on its own and the last time cuz of the kidz.

does anyone know of a good sturdy vacuum for allergies?

I plan on getting a used rainbow eventually to use once a week but would like something for inbetween those times.

I have 3 kidz that are HARD on everything.

I heard royal might be good.

any ideas?

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