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4/9/12 8:11 A

I'm getting married - civil union - in May this year but leave the church for a later date (not having the money or the...well, time to deal with it now).

You can simply ask your FIL if he wants to take you down the isle..he'll most likely be very proud, especially if he likes you ;)

As for the rest, I feel you. In 2006 I lost from 75kg to 63 kg and the maintained at 58-60 kg until mid-Aug 2010 when i had an accident at the gym, combined with a nasty divorce and some pills my doctor prescribed...well, i ended up around 72 kg again. It wasn't until Jan this year that my body decided to lose again so now I'm slowly down to 68 kg ...

I surely understand how it feels to have lost , gained back - not b/c of you! - and lose again...

You've got some good tricks there. Remember that nutrition is very important. Not only you'll lose weight but you'll also have amazing skin and hair!!! Remember the water, too.

As for working out, try to mix things up. I like to hike when it gets warmer b/c the varied terrain keeps me more fit than just walking/running in the city.

You will be a lovely bride!

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3/4/12 3:01 P

You will be a beautiful bride-wishing you a life of happiness with your intended.
I had a great weight loss a year ago and gained a lot of it back because of stress. We too did the paper work years ago but now we are finally having the wedding. We live in the US but he is from Africa so it took a long time to get all of the parents in the same country and since it is happening this summer so is the wedding. I am finally back on track to get healthy, manage my stress without food and get ready for baby making...

I love your determination and ideas, you have inspired me to do better too. If you need any moral support let me know!

CHINI82 Posts: 2
2/28/12 4:35 P

Hi everyone,
this is my first entry here...
Today I finally got aware of the fact that in December, we will finally get married by church... Finally I will get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be "the one", to get to wear a beautiful dress, to walk down the isle, to be the most beautiful woman for that special day...
I already had my perfect weight but then got really sick (legs paralyzed) and gained a lot again... Now I am fighting again, already 6 kg less in 1.5 months..
20 more kg to lose...
I think it's doable. Before, I had lost 30 kg in 6 months, 40 kg in 8 months and almost 50 in total - then the problems with my legs started... that was the end of 2009, and 'til 2011, I had gained 20-30 kg again :(
I want to get rid of them. Now that I am able to walk again and to run and to do whatever I want, I think my goal comes into reach again...
Today, I was super-motivated to stick to a new plan:
- train more, although it's really stressy at work, a lot of extra hours and not a lot of time left for me, but: it is important, and a little exercise can fit anywhere!
- eat healthier: I am going to skip the fatty sweets and will only allow myself some "extras" once in a while, not every day.
I could really see myself today in that beautiful dress (I've already picked the style 2 years ago - we got married by law in 2010, but the church ceremony is still missing, we didn't have the money before and now, we are planning the trip to his parents - we wanna get married there..!).
I am really, really looking forward to getting married there.
I also hope that my father-in-law could walk me down the isle, although it's not his job to do... I really want to ask him.
How do you do it?
With all the stress and the bad habits and the laziness, especially in winter?

I have little tricks to sum up some exercise minutes during the day...
at work, I am mostly sitting in front of the computer, but every time I get the chance to pass something along to colleagues, I take the document and walk, instead of putting it into the office mail. We don't have an elevator, so stairs are always welcome (I really like climbing stairs, don't know why). At lunchtime, I always go for a walk, even when the weather's bad.
I split my meal and take the rest home to eat later or give it to my husband (even better).
Although the sweet basket sometimes look tempting, it's pretty easy to not grab a chocolate. I tell myself: Later you'll have something better, something you really want. And when I don't want to eat anything sweet, I won't take some, just because I'm used to.
When spring kicks in, I will finally be able to go jogging again. There's a company marathon in May, and in March we can hand in the apply-forms, I am thinking about that, too. It's not really a big marathon, it's only 7 km, but I am no longer used to running, don't know if I can catch up until May, we'll see!
What also helps a lot: Every time I can, I get up and dance a bit, just by myself... that's exercise, too. Some Salsa, some jumping and just moving around - why not?
While sitting in the car (it's too far to walk and there are no busses!!) I try to work my musceles a little bit and I try to sit up straight and work my abdominals...

Do you have some tricks left for me?
I hope I will manage to lose the weight in time...
But every day from now on, I will picture that beautiful dress... that helps an awful lot!! :)

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