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wanting to live life

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Posts: 58
6/25/12 12:19 P

Thanks everyone for your advice and encouraging helped!

SparkPoints: (1,253)
Fitness Minutes: (235)
Posts: 89
6/25/12 10:41 A

To live life healthy and pain free

Posts: 139
6/25/12 7:11 A

It is hard and I think it is a common theme. Not sure of the answer other than just tell yourself to start "now!" vs. wating until ____ happens. This is a struggle for me and something I battle every day. Good luck!

Posts: 5,719
6/25/12 7:08 A

I just want to lose my belly roll!

Posts: 5,007
6/25/12 1:06 A

So am I. Mine is changing in a huge and wonderful way in about two weeks and I'm excited to start...

Best of luck to all of you on all of your journey's. :) emoticon

Posts: 2,362
6/25/12 1:04 A

Expectations set up disappointment when they are vague or unrealistic.

Perhaps you could set up a concrete "being on the inside" goal such as meet a workout buddy once a week or join the online spark meetings - you won't feel like an outsider with Merle or Shenadee ( think is her spark name).

Hang in there , we all feel the round peg square world even when we are no longer round pegs.

Posts: 6,130
6/25/12 12:42 A

we can choose to exist or live life. When I was tired of being fat I decided I was going to life life the best I could. I was determined to get the weight off( keep it off) and life a healthy life style. It was a good decision. So stay connected to sparks, use all it has to offer and good luck in this.................YOU CAN DO THIS.............!

Posts: 3,800
6/24/12 10:42 P

Spark is amazing for letting you reconnect emotionally outside of our own feelings and ensure you have connections with others who are on the same journey - many have as much or more weight to lose, many have already achieved that goal and are still around to help and support others.

It's amazing once you gain the confidence to be active outside the house how many other people you'll find locally with similar interest in just getting in a little more activity and making better lifestyle choices.

Set goals and start knocking them down!


Posts: 2,114
6/24/12 8:43 P

I felt similar before I started sparkpeople. I have been dieting and exercising for 3 months now and I am feeling so much better. Once you get into a routine and start losing weight life just happens. Sparkpeople is great support and if you stick with the program it really works! Good luck!

(once you start losing give yourself small rewards once you have completed a goal)

SparkPoints: (272,443)
Fitness Minutes: (187,964)
Posts: 20,293
6/24/12 8:02 P

Please visit IndyGirl sparkpage. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Posts: 58
6/24/12 6:19 P

Being so heavy can have such an impact on ability to get up and enjoy life. I'm tired of feeling like I'm on the outside, looking in. I just want to live and enjoy every day. Anybody feeling similarly or have any advice on what they do to feel more a part of life?

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