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FRAN0426 Posts: 21,064
6/28/10 11:09 P

Doctor approved is fine, as the doctor is the one who should decide if you need a water pill, don't ever self prescribe any kind of medication that could have side effects that could do more harm than good if you don't need them.

SAM910 SparkPoints: (115,959)
Fitness Minutes: (107,422)
Posts: 5,250
6/15/10 7:25 P

If your doctor prescribed them, then you need them to help with water retention and it's not cheating, but if your doctor didn't prescribe them it could be dangerous to your health as well as considered cheating, but you are only cheating yourself if this is the case it will catch up with you. If the doctor didn't prescribe them try some natural diuretics, like cucumbers etc.

GARYJAN SparkPoints: (14,711)
Fitness Minutes: (1,270)
Posts: 539
6/15/10 6:00 P

never have taken them.

Fitness Minutes: (10,902)
Posts: 5,408
6/14/10 10:36 A

Never have

DCRAFTY4 Posts: 506
6/13/10 9:13 P

I take a water pill twice a day and I am concerned about the amount of water I force to drink. Any help appreciated.

JENN240308 Posts: 267
6/2/10 11:44 A

I have been prescribed the Spironalactone and had some issues staying hydrated enough in the first few weeks, but I seem to have found the right level now. I would only recommend taking them if you have another concern besides water retention for taking them, as they really do not help that much with the water retention for weight loss purposes.

DONE2009 Posts: 268
6/1/10 11:13 P

im not takin them everyday ust every other day

HONORINGGOD Posts: 2,077
6/1/10 7:42 P


6/1/10 7:27 P

I take water pill when I feel a little help. Sometimes, I don't need it.

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
5/31/10 6:11 P

You should not take them without doctor's approval--potentially very dangerous. Both cheating and harmful to your health.

ASHLEE624 SparkPoints: (34,950)
Fitness Minutes: (40,437)
Posts: 1,534
5/23/10 10:09 A

I, too, take an occational lasics when I'm feeling puffy, but can anyone tell me why I retain this water? Is that condition alone something to worry about?

PINKNFITCARLA SparkPoints: (490,834)
Fitness Minutes: (281,326)
Posts: 31,894
5/22/10 10:04 P

I thought about taking them once since I always seem to retain water too, but increasing my water intake and reducing sodium took care of it for me.

DONE2009 Posts: 268
5/22/10 7:57 P

ive talked to my doctor and they sid as long as im hydrated ill be ok

5/22/10 11:21 A

I take them when I feel like I need a little help.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
5/22/10 11:16 A

You may want to discuss this with your doctor to make sure it is the right thing for you to do.

Coach Denise

RORYLYONS Posts: 18,284
5/22/10 5:57 A

I'm on a water pill & also drink water daily...No problem with that ...continue your path to good health..Best of luck emoticon

HONORINGGOD Posts: 2,077
5/21/10 11:58 P

only doctor approved

DONE2009 Posts: 268
5/21/10 9:43 P

I retain alot of water all the time so im taking water pills is that cheating or is it ok only if i contuine taking them what is your take on water ills all advice is welcomed

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