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2/28/12 12:36 A

thanks i appreciate the advice its going to take us a couple of years to save the money for the wedding thats why its 2 yrs away he does love me this way lol but i hear ya. and thanks for the advice on the emotional eating i am so goofy i have very good willpower when it comes to being sober and never wanting drugs or alcohol but yet i have no willpower over snacks and candy its hard thats funny though lol

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2/27/12 4:14 P

I wouldn't wait to get married. I'd set a date end of this year or sometime in 2013 and get married. Your fiance loves you as you are. There's not any reason to postpone your wedding; I also wonder what a person does if they don't meet their goal, do you postpone the wedding further? With all the things you have going on in your life, it's an added stress you don't need. I'm a believer in pulling the trigger if you want it.

I would be doing cardio 4-5 times each week, along with some kind of strength training. To help avoid emotional eating, clear out all your cupboards of junk food or food that triggers the emotional eating. That way you don't have any options when you feel like emotional eating.

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2/27/12 12:44 A

i have been ingaged for about 10 yrs now lol but my dad has fallen ill he has stage 3 esopagul cancer and is 60 yrs old going thru chemo and radiation so weve decided to set the date for march 21 2014 unless he gets worse being that im his only daughter to walk down the isle i dont want to take that from him so then we will move up to next yr but that all makes me nervous im a emotional eater for every emotion even happiness i eat and right now with my dads illness im stressed upset angry you name it i am it lol so im strougling with the hole not eating for everything problem lol family means everything to me and this is a hard subject for me i cant even beleive im putting it on here but i guess im in need of support i want to look good for my wedding and i am in a size 22 right now but in wedding dress size we girls know that is usually a 24 to 26 lol i want to at least be down to a 12 or 16 if not smaller by the wedding do you think my goal is unrealistic i almost fit in a 18 but again in dress size thats bigger. i could use any advice you can give me even from strangers on this fitness program sparks has me on i even added a few extra exercises each day and on the fitness days off i keep a couple of cardio workouts of my adds i put on there is that to much or is that a good thing

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