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2/28/12 9:37 A

My opinion, the scale is pretty meaningless at this stage of the game. Like KJ, I've put on about 25 pounds and my waist and shirt size are the same. I try to excel at three lifts, deadlifts, squat and bench. If I'm losing weight and maintaining or improving my lift numbers, I'm losing fat. If I'm gaining weight and putting more weight on the bar, I'm gaining muscle. If I'm going in the opposite direction, I have to stop and re-evaluate.

2/25/12 12:25 P

Right now I have on a pair of jeans that I wore when I was 180 (about 18 mos ago) and I am currently 195-ish. My shoulders are wide and my legs and butt are fuller and though the jeans are snuggish in those areas the waistline is pretty much ok though I could stand to lose a solid 5 lbs. Other than that I know I'm way more muscle than I was at 180

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2/24/12 7:46 P

I agree. My weight loss has ground to a slow crawl but I am getting much more muscular,while getting thinner. Starting to think I might have to revise my long term goal.

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2/24/12 10:57 A

One begets the other

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2/15/12 2:28 P

If you want to check your actual body fat, get some calipers and test yourself. You can find the points to test online pretty easily. BMI is just a quick ratio and really doesn't mean much when it comes to fat composition.

I would have to agree with GRAVEL. You're putting on muscle and burns fat constantly. You'll probably notice a slower weight loss, but that's ok. Just go by how your clothes fit and keep up the swimming and weights. Sounds like you're doing great!

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2/15/12 12:47 A

To me, being fit is better than being lighter on the scale. I would keep going with what you are doing and forget about the scale. As for the BMI, that is just a height/weight ratio that is a guess as to how much fat you actually have, for someone who is more muscle than fat they can be obese on the BMI scale. Getting a fat percentage is a better judge of your body than a BMI. Hope that helps.

2/14/12 11:59 P

Hi i've been training for about a month. swimming 3 or 4 nights a week football(soccer) twice a month and some weight training. im 85kgs and 5'10

my bmi is about 27 does this matter?

Im not losing any weight but I am putting on lots of muscle and getting thinner?

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