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JIBBIE49 Posts: 65,198
5/15/13 5:57 P


KILLRBEE18 SparkPoints: (38,835)
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5/15/13 5:52 P

Mine is who I am and it is a very special organization; that I belong to.

NGCHILD SparkPoints: (139,239)
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5/15/13 5:24 P

Welcome to Spark!

Mine is part of my name. Nothing fancy.


ZOEJEN Posts: 5
5/15/13 5:16 P

LOL!! Good one! And congrats, looks like you are making great progress to your goal.

NFLATTE Posts: 9,185
5/14/13 9:23 P

My screen name is my fav beverage...N on F at Latte

ZOEJEN Posts: 5
5/14/13 8:06 P

My name is a combo of one of my favorite Firefly characters*, Zoe Washburne (Gina Torres), a kick-*** strong female character, and a friend who is the most compassionate, together woman I know -- and fit and beautiful, too! My muses. Who are yours?

I'm not great at staying in touch so this community thing might be a challenge. Thanks for reading!

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