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VANILLABEAR Posts: 3,426
10/21/11 10:23 P

It is cold, windy, and rainy in Cleveland, Oh.

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CORINNEMOMMY SparkPoints: (0)
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10/21/11 8:19 A

cold and rainy here in westerville ohio:)

BRITTHORT9 Posts: 884
10/20/11 11:20 A

It's cold and rainy here in Portsmouth, Ohio.

ALLIEXO0X SparkPoints: (0)
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10/20/11 10:50 A

It's rainy here in Pittsburgh, PA. emoticon

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45AQUA-MAN SparkPoints: (100,114)
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10/20/11 10:20 A

Real foggy this morning.

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DWROBERGE SparkPoints: (440,609)
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10/18/11 7:53 P

cool and dark!

IFYOUCANICAN2 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/17/11 10:46 P

Started off foggy, but burned off to a toasty 88 in beautiful Northern California wine country.

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SPCRAIG SparkPoints: (142,859)
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Posts: 29,893
10/17/11 1:08 P

sunny and 60's

JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
10/17/11 10:30 A

80's and rainy in the Central FL

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ELLSKI85 Posts: 4,095
10/17/11 9:59 A

Sunny and in the 60's

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45AQUA-MAN SparkPoints: (100,114)
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Posts: 9,884
10/7/11 4:30 P

Cool mornings,44, beautiful afternoons 80, Hemet, ca.

Nothing tastes or feels as good as being fit and slim feel!

I buffet my body and make it my slave!

When I eat healthy I enjoy my food all day!
DAKERONE SparkPoints: (124,877)
Fitness Minutes: (136,037)
Posts: 4,990
10/7/11 3:59 P

SFO - sunny, cool

10/7/11 1:25 P

In Central Ontario it is a perfect Fall day, the sun is shining and the temperature outside is perfect.

JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (74,274)
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Posts: 4,055
10/7/11 12:54 P

Houston Tx. Hardly any rain this summer and it is probably the same this winter. It looks like rain today. We need it, but then again, it may or may not rain.

KRIS4CRAIG Posts: 112
1/11/11 5:42 P

FA-REEZING!!!!!!! We are in a cold snap and the high today was -20 Celsius plus a wind chill making it feel like -26 Celsius! I'll be staying in all day! I would sure love to get outside for a run but not in this weather, the treadmill it is.

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ALICIA214 SparkPoints: (283,850)
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Posts: 13,641
1/11/11 4:44 P

-2 and a forecast of snow this evening.

CNESMITH2 SparkPoints: (12,608)
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Posts: 655
1/11/11 3:41 P


Girl on Fire!
KHELMAN SparkPoints: (16,599)
Fitness Minutes: (1,766)
Posts: 800
1/11/11 2:42 P

northeast pa right now just cloudy but supposed to start snowing around 4pm and continue into tomorrow

COUNTRYNINJA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 985
1/10/11 11:44 P

I'm in Austin, was about 39 degrees, drizzly and just plain gloomy.

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ECONLADY Posts: 5,696
1/10/11 11:35 P

It's chilly, low in the 30's and highs in the 40's. Can't wait for spring!

1/10/11 10:32 P

sweatshirt weather by day- jacket at night

STEVES61 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 177
1/10/11 10:25 P

sunny and very cold

BAILEYSGIRL6 SparkPoints: (8,570)
Fitness Minutes: (5,556)
Posts: 789
1/10/11 10:19 P

emoticon SNOW emoticon here in Atlanta GA!!!!!! I'm like a big kid when it snows. We rarely get it and boy did we get it this time. I mean I know I'm prob exaggerating to the northerners but to us 4 inches is a lot! In the north GA mountains they got 6-8 inches. And now it's icing over badly...I love it though! Working at home today and tomorrow should be able to get back on the roads Wed...


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NIKO27 SparkPoints: (236,658)
Fitness Minutes: (142,427)
Posts: 18,505
1/10/11 9:49 P

60s and windy in Tampa

POPSGRYL63X Posts: 808
1/10/11 9:00 P

23 Degrees & Very Cold!!!

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FRAN0426 SparkPoints: (245,850)
Fitness Minutes: (127,851)
Posts: 17,101
1/10/11 8:20 P

23 degrees above and snowing

1/10/11 4:36 P

cold && calling for snow

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BRITTBEGINS SparkPoints: (5,939)
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Posts: 211
1/10/11 9:50 A

a sunny 60 degrees emoticon

HANSRICO Posts: 933
1/10/11 9:47 A

Mainly cloudy with snow showers around this morning. Very cold. High 14F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 50%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.

MKWELLS84 SparkPoints: (36,949)
Fitness Minutes: (16,910)
Posts: 1,066
1/10/11 9:40 A

3-5 inches of snow.

CAM2438 Posts: 4,646
1/10/11 7:02 A

Chilly now, but, it is to get up into the 70's today in sunny Forida emoticon

1/8/11 3:13 P

snowy and very cold

FIREDEMONARTY SparkPoints: (22,195)
Fitness Minutes: (28,321)
Posts: 343
1/8/11 2:00 P

cold and maybe snow tommorrow :)

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CHOOSE2LOOSE1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/7/11 6:46 P

frosty but nice. emoticon

SLLEE1961 Posts: 2,277
1/7/11 5:33 P


SANDYLH1 SparkPoints: (43,589)
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1/7/11 4:52 P


SPCRAIG SparkPoints: (142,859)
Fitness Minutes: (92,918)
Posts: 29,893
1/6/11 1:22 P

sunny and mid-40's

1/6/11 8:48 A


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CMINDYC Posts: 1,614
1/6/11 8:47 A

Fort Polk, LA

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REMAREIS1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 568
12/30/10 2:50 P

unseasonable warm for Iowa, 50 degrees. A snow storm is coming

BROWNBEAUTY2008 Posts: 2,166
12/30/10 2:45 P

Cold. NC, We had snow so now it's melting

SANDYLH1 SparkPoints: (43,589)
Fitness Minutes: (14,745)
Posts: 5,186
12/30/10 2:27 P

cold and clear

VETMED SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,444)
Posts: 1,115
12/21/10 8:38 A

They say it may hit 80 today- balmy. Wish it would rain.

12/21/10 8:22 A


Life is for LIVING
MARLINDA5 Posts: 8,147
12/20/10 12:20 A


SHANNONSTILLS SparkPoints: (0)
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12/19/10 1:56 P


BUTTERRUM163 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/19/09 8:55 P

last I looked it was 24 degrees in Omaha, cold and windy. emoticon

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FITWITHIN Posts: 21,969
12/19/09 7:14 P

snow blizzard MD

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DEBBIEW26 Posts: 1,008
12/19/09 4:33 P

S. Florida "cold" front -- 62 derees at 9:30 this a.m. BRRR!!

HIPPIEFREAK66 Posts: 968
12/19/09 1:21 P

it's cold and snowy here in my end of pennsylvania

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