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Do you need help learning to use your nutrition tracker? If you look under "my trackers" near the top of this page and choose "my nutrition," you get a private, individual place to list all your food, and the computer will figure out how many calories, how much fat, how much protein, etc is in everything you eat. The place you posted this is really meant for people to ask specific questions, not for listing your food.

If you want other people to read about what you ate because it will make you more accountable, you can join a Spark Team with people who are interested in some of the same things you're interested in. Look for Spark Teams under the "community" tab.

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6/8/12 1:04 A

Are you after advice on your eating?

I hope you're at the beginning of your journey. Are you at a point where you're simply tracking at the moment, in order to highlight what your problem areas are? What you've got here is some very poor food choices, so if this is what you're trying to "eat healthy" with, you definitely need to be doing more research on what a balanced diet might look like.

Try to avoid processed foods like hot dogs, limit the corn chips as they're VERY high in calories and low in nutrition, add more fruits and vegs, limit the french vanilla cream, ensure you use low-fat cheeses, and where is your other meal? I see two poorly constructed meals a day there - where is your third? You are not eating anywhere near enough and getting almost zero nutrition from your entire day.

Try to start small - add fruits and vegies and make sure you get 3 good meals a day (tea is not a meal).

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Err... it might be more helpful to post this in your food and fitness trackers, where you can get automated feedback and track your progress over time. :)

Although I do have to ask... where are your fruits and veggies?

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I did not post yesterday of what i've eaten so here goes 2 french toast bread whole grain bread made with 2 eggs, milk and sprinkle with cinnamon in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. I had 3 cups of tea with french vanilla cream for lunch hot dogs with mustard and provolone cheese no bread. Popcorn 32 oz bowl. 3 32 oz thermos of water 10 animal crackers.

Today I've eatten 2 hot dogs fried in olive oil 1/3 cup of grits, tsp salt, 2 tsp butter country crock.3 teas with french vanilla cream, for lunch nacho cheese, ground meat, santitas tortilla chips, cheese and sour cream, pistachios nuts, 3 32 oz thermos of water.

I did not go out to exercise either day.

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