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4/16/13 2:32 P

Kale chips are my fave!

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4/16/13 12:16 P

I make lowfat Cheese crisps.

Cheese-Flavored Chips

Substitute: Low-fat string cheese for chips

Cut sticks of string cheese into quarter-inch-thick slices and scatter the rounds on a cookie sheet coated with nonstick spray, leaving them an inch or two apart. Bake at 375 F for 4 to 5 minutes or until the cheese melts and turns golden brown. Let them cool, then peel the chips off the tray.

Carbs Eliminated: Up to 90 g per serving

The Taste: "Like the cheese you pull off the top of a pizza."

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4/16/13 12:09 P

Make my own baked potato chips emoticon

4/16/13 11:56 A

I love plantain chips

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4/16/13 11:51 A

Pop corn or almonds.

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4/16/13 10:30 A

Edamame or almonds give me some good crunch without all the calories. I measure them, of course.

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4/16/13 10:28 A

Generally I try to NEVER have chips in my house, however if the temptation is too great than I will go out and buy air-popped popcorn. While I may still over-eat, i will be eating about 200-900 calories less than I would if I was "bingeing" eating chips.

LOVESTOWALK49 Posts: 705
4/16/13 9:23 A

kale, other green vegetables, romaine lettuce for an example.

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4/16/13 9:22 A

I make yummy homemade oven baked potato chips one portion at a time.

Rebecca, Michigan


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4/16/13 9:02 A

I have air-popped popcorn...I actually forgot how good real popcorn tasted. It's loaded with vitamin and minerals too! Bought the air=popper at Walmart for $ investment I ecer made...

I change up the flavor....cinnmon ontop, or romano or Parm Cheese

3 plain Air popped cups around 99 calories

4/16/13 8:11 A

I make homemade french fries a couple times a week. Potato and sweet potato for some salty, crunchy goodness.

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4/16/13 7:59 A

crinkle-cut carrots

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4/16/13 2:42 A

If I really need the crunch, small serving bag of Popchips.

If I just want salty/potato-ish goodness, I use the "Hungry Girl" recipe and make butternut squash fries. One squash makes two large cookie sheets full of fries and the ENTIRE squash averages about 204 calories. Salt em up and dip in ketchup - I think they taste fantastic.

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4/16/13 2:25 A

I buy the crinkle cut carrot slices
Sometimes I buy Popchips or pretzels
and sometimes I just buy a single serve bag of chips and enjoy them!

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4/16/13 2:17 A

trail mix! the kind with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries does it for me... get your crunch on emoticon

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4/16/13 2:05 A

I don't care much for chips, so I'm safe from that demon. My husband, however, is a chip fanatic. He has been trying to cut back (successfully, I might add!) and in place of chips will snack on salty-crunchy dill pickles.

We'll... deal with the sodium issue another day. For now, pickles it is!

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4/16/13 12:04 A

Just saw a great idea on tv today. To make sweet potato chips or reg chips, use the dehydrator. Don't have to use oil at all. Haven't tried it yet, but I will one day soon.

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4/16/13 12:01 A

Well, I let myself have chips when I"m really craving them, but if that's a major problem food for you then obviously that won't work.

However, one thing I find when I'm really craving chips and think I can't stop at just one serving is to make my own pita chips. Get a piece of whole wheat pita bread, carefully separate the halves (So you feel like you're getting twice as many), cut into chip-sizes pieces, brush with a little olive oil and bake until crispy. Because you have to make them you're not as likely to eat too many if you make sure to only make one batch, but you can still enjoy chips. Pair with salsa or hummus and they're fabulous!

Baked kale chips are another great snack. Air-popped popcorn. A handful of mixed nuts... something with a bit of a salty taste, that can really make the difference between being satisfied with an alternative or still wanting those chips.

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4/15/13 10:53 P

I just remember, I saw a really neat idea on TV in My Kitchen Rules, last night. The brief was that they contestants had to cook for 200 children, but it had to not only appeal to them but be healthy as well. One lot of contestants did as part of the dish, courgette chips. They cut them into fingers, and then coated them in egg and then a chunky corn flour, and oven-baked them. They were really popular with the kids.

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4/15/13 10:44 P

cucumber chips
mushrooms (raw)
roasted asparagus pieces
kale chips (baked)
green beans (raw)

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4/15/13 8:52 P

have you thought about oven-baked chips with little (a spray) or no oil? They are healthy - potato actually has some very healthy benefits - fibre, vitamins, potassium etc. etc. COLD baked potato is a lower GI so it is more filling - a great snack :-)


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4/15/13 8:41 P

We keep a supply of chunked-up bell peppers in the fridge at all times for dipping in hummus, salsa, and guacamole. Another good substitute for me is Kim's Magic Pops if you can find them. They're a bit bland, but great with hummus or a little peanut butter and give you a crunchy fix for only 15 calories.

4/15/13 8:34 P

I agree, they are the devil. Pretzels occasionally give you that cruncy salty fix you want, but all I can suggest is, don't buy them except in the smallest possible bag, if you have to buy them at all. Save it for the occasional splurge.

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4/15/13 8:09 P

can someone please tell me why chips have to be so amazingly delicious? and why I literally can't eat just one serving let alone 1 chip!

what's your healthier alternative to chips?
veggies, a different snack?
thanks for any ideas!!!

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